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Century High’s Opening Knights Stage ‘The Addams Family’

Introduction: Unveiling a Theatrical Gem at Century High

At Century High School, the auditorium comes alive as the Opening Knights prepare to present their rendition of “The Addams Family,” beginning this Thursday. The show, which runs this weekend and the next, promises to captivate audiences with its unique blend of humor and gothic charm. The play, based on the beloved 2010-2011 Broadway hit, follows the quirky romance of Wednesday Addams as she falls for a charmingly ordinary young man from a traditional family.

A Fresh Take on a Classic

This marks the first time the Opening Knights have tackled “The Addams Family,” setting Century apart as the only high school in Carroll County yet to stage this particular musical. Drama director Lucas Hewitt chose this production to utilize its broad range of characters and ensemble roles, offering a platform for extensive student participation. “It’s always been a popular choice among the students for its dynamic roles and engaging storyline,” Hewitt explains.

Deep Connections and New Explorations

For the lead actors, the musical resonates on a personal level. James Sheehan, playing Gomez Addams, finds parallels between his character’s experiences and his own life transitions, like preparing for college. “The song ‘Happy Sad’ mirrors my current life changes,” Sheehan shares, adding depth to his performance. Vanshika Pallerla, who portrays Wednesday, hopes the audience leaves inspired to embrace their authentic selves, reflecting one of the musical’s central themes.

The ensemble’s dedication is evident, with rehearsals starting in the summer and stretching into the school year, reflecting a commitment to bringing the characters and the eerie world of the Addams Family to life. Performances are scheduled to showcase the culmination of months of hard work, inviting the community to experience a spectacle of musical theatre that promises both laughter and introspective moments.

Performance Details and Invitation

The curtain rises at 7 p.m. on show nights, with additional matinee performances offering a chance for more to enjoy this theatrical treat. Located at 355 Ronsdale Road, Sykesville, Century High School’s auditorium will be the backdrop for this family-friendly production recommended for ages 10 and up. With tickets reasonably priced and available online, this production of “The Addams Family” is accessible for all who appreciate the arts infused with a dash of dark humor and timeless messages.