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Brothers want justice for their mother, fighting for life after machete attack

Brothers speak out as mother fights for her life after machete attack

NOTE: This story contains graphic descriptions of violence.

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — A man accused of attacking his girlfriend Tina Schreib in Rochester with a machete has been indicted by a Monroe County grand jury. News10NBC was in Rochester City Court for David Lampman’s preliminary hearing.

News10NBC’s Bret Vetter spoke exclusively with the victim’s family. Some may find the details of this case distrurbing.

Tina Schreib’s sons say their mother is fighting for her life after the attack — and while they have always been skeptical of Lampman, they never expected he would do something like what he’s accused of.

“When you hack someone in the back with a machete to where their guts are hanging out their stomach, then you should not be out here at all,” Kody Bisig said.

Bisig and his brother Alex Quenell say it’s a miracle their mother is even alive.

“When she got to the hospital they had to give her 54 units of blood. That’s how severe it was. She was literally there in time for them to do what they do,” Bisig said.

Rochester Police say Lampman, 54, used a machete to attack Schreib in her apartment along Dewey Avenue last Thursday.

Family members say Lampman cut part of Schreib’s skull off, exposing her brain. They say he hacked her 10 to 15 times with the machete, exposing her internal organs.

Lampman was arrested by Rochester Police the next day at a gas station in Dansville. He was charged with attempted murder and assault

Quenell, who lives in Atlantic City, says he first heard about what happened on social media before getting a call from his brother Kody in Holley.

“At some point we figure out that is our mom. It is all true, and it’s life-threatening — critical condition. And so he orchestrates getting a plane ticket for me, and I was here that night visiting her,” Quenell said.

The brothers say their mother had been in a relationship with Lampman for years but recently had separated, before getting back together.

“I know they were having some problems a couple months ago, And they got a restraining order and stuff and I physically removed her out of her apartment … and I thought it was done from there. And literally two or three months later they are back together living in the same apartment,” Bisig said.

It’s a decision the brothers wish she never made. But they say her being alive is proof that she is a fighter, and they want justice for their mother.

In the meantime, Quenell says he and his brother will be at their mom’s bedside and are thankful for all the support their mother has received.

“Anytime i talk to her at her bedside at her hospital, I say, ‘There are a lot more people than you think in your corner.’ There are so many people that have come out for her, and I truly appreciate anyone and everyone who supports her,” Quenell said.

A family member I spoke with says Schreib was attacked after telling Lampman she no longer wanted to be with him.

Lampman is due back in Monroe County Court in a few weeks.

If you or someone you know needs help, you can call or text the Willow Domestic Violence Center hotline at any hour of the day at 800-799-7233.