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Brooklyn Pimp Receives 10 Life Sentences for Girlfriend’s Murder and Sex Trafficking 8 Women

Moses was found guilty of fatally beating Leondra Foster, 32, dismembering her, and scattering her body parts in the Bronx.

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A pimp from Brooklyn, who admitted to murdering his girlfriend in 2017 and sex trafficking eight women, was sentenced to 10 life terms in federal prison last week by United States District Judge Carol Bagley Amon.

Somorie Moses, also known as “Somorie Barfield,” “Sugar Bear,” “Bear,” and “Daddy,” received 10 concurrent life sentences for his convictions related to sex trafficking eight women and the murder of Leondra Foster in January 2017.

The sentencing marked the first application of the federal law that criminalizes murder during sex trafficking. The decision was announced on April 5 by the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, Breon Peace, in collaboration with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the New York City Police Department.

Peace described Moses’ sentencing as a reflection of the “brutality and utter depravity” of his actions against vulnerable women and girls over nearly two decades.

While acknowledging that no prison term can fully undo the severe and lasting harm caused by Moses, Peace emphasized that incarceration would prevent the perpetrator, who showed no regard for human life, from harming others. He expressed hope that the sentencing would offer some closure to the victims and their families.

Prosecutors revealed that the 48-year-old had coerced women and girls into his sex trafficking operation since 2003 by deceiving them with false promises of love, only to subject them to threats, violence, and psychological manipulation for his financial gain.

During the sentencing, several victims provided impact statements detailing Moses’ use of brutal tactics such as beatings, rape, torture, and threats to force them into prostitution.

One victim, identified as Jane Doe #1, recounted how Moses threatened to push her off a roof, raped her, bit off a portion of her buttocks, and spat it at her.

Another victim, known as Jane Doe #2, shared her experience of being slashed with a razor, beaten with a belt, and having lemon juice poured on her wounds, resulting in extensive scarring.

Additionally, a victim referred to as Jane Doe #7 disclosed that Moses once placed a shotgun in her mouth and threatened her and her child when she refused to engage in prostitution.

The Tragic Death of Leondra Foster

In January 2017, the remains of Leondra Foster, a 32-year-old victim of Moses’ sex trafficking ring, were found dismembered inside a freezer.

On the morning of January 13, Moses fatally assaulted Foster, causing at least five severe head injuries. He then proceeded to dismember her using a knife and saw in their shared Brooklyn residence.

Following the murder, Moses engaged in sexual activity with another woman in the apartment while Foster’s dismembered body was concealed on the premises, emitting a strong bleach odor, as reported by a witness.

Several days later, on January 17, Moses transported Foster’s torso and limbs to the Bronx for disposal at a sanitation site. Law enforcement later discovered her head, hands, and feet, the latter bearing a tattoo of the name “Somorie,” in Moses’ residence.

In October 2019, Moses admitted to sex trafficking the victim but denied involvement in her murder. However, he later pleaded guilty to all charges in September 2023.

NYPD Commissioner Edward Caban commended the investigative efforts of the NYPD and FBI, as well as the relentless work of the U.S. Attorney’s office in securing justice for the victims. He emphasized the commitment of law enforcement to protect and support all victims and survivors of sex trafficking, condemning it as one of society’s most exploitative and dehumanizing crimes.