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Bring My Song To Life Innovates the Music-As-A-Gift Industry Through AI and Its Team of Top Musicians

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 20, 2024 / , the creator of customized lyrics and music, is leveraging its exponential growth to enhance its services for gift givers. Over the past year, the company has enjoyed increased demand for its ability to turn personal stories and emotions into professional-quality music. As a result, Bring My Song To Life is expanding its team of talented session singers and songwriters and is also investing in automation and artificial intelligence for music and lyrics production. Both advancements will allow Bring My Song To Life to create memorable music for more clients who value personalization and unique gifts.

Bring My Song to Life creates customized songs for special occasions.

Bring My Song To Life was co-founded by CEO Mylene Besancon and COO Chris Erhardt, who are also the creators of Tunedly, an online recording studio with a qualified network of vetted session musicians. After building Tunedly into a worldwide name and producing thousands of songs, Besancon and Erhardt used this experience to start Bring My Song To Life. Their goal was to solve two problems familiar to gift givers: what to buy for the person who has everything and how a person can express the deepest emotions in their heart.

“We all have people in our lives who are incredibly important to us, yet when Mother’s Day, an anniversary, a birthday, or another occasion comes around, we struggle to find exactly the right gift for them,” Besancon explains. “Chris and I turned to music because its power is truly unique – it touches all of us, whether we are musicians or not.”

Since 2019, Bring My Song To Life has been expressing in music what its clients cannot say in words. Its songwriters and composers use the stories or messages of clients to make soundtracks out of memories for special events, including weddings, graduations, and “just because” moments. The company offers various packages to suit different needs and budgets, from simple acoustic versions to full-band productions. Erhardt says that Bring My Song To Life has been so successful over the past twelve months in particular that it is now investing in more talented team members and technology.

“This is a pivotal time for us, as we are on-boarding awesome singers and songwriters to ensure that we can keep up with the increasing demand,” Erhardt confirms. “This expansion will allow us to continue to offer a wide range of musical styles to our clients, personalize songs even more deeply, and cater to the unique stories and emotions of our clients.”

Besancon and Erhardt are both excited about their company’s incorporation of AI and automation into the production of music and lyrics. They emphasize that the goal is to use both to empower the creative processes of their team members, streamline operations, and enable Bring My Song To Life to deliver personalized songs with even greater speed and precision.

“We see AI as a tool, one that supports our artists and technicians as they bring to life the beautiful visions of our clients in their songs,” says Besancon. “No matter how far we go into the AI age, the human touch will remain at the core of Bring My Song To Life and set us apart in the industry.”

Bring My Song To Life invites everyone to learn more about customized music, which can be the gift solution for important events and milestones. As the company continues to expand and becomes a globally recognized name in personalized musical gifts, its focus will remain the same: empowering its customers to perfectly express the emotions that might otherwise remain unspoken in their hearts.

About Bring My Song To Life

Bring My Song To Life creates unforgettable emotional experiences by delivering one-of-a-kind songs that clients and their loved ones can treasure forever. Its simple, collaborative process allows clients to provide feedback during the song creation process, ensuring that the final product truly reflects their vision and emotions. For more information on Bring My Song to Life’s unique, customized gifts for celebrations or special occasions, please visit or contact:

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