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Brian Laundrie Revealed New Future Plans to Parents Before Tragic Incident with Gabby Petito

Before his demise at a cold Wyoming campsite, Brian Laundrie informed his parents about the couple’s intention to volunteer at an Oregon pumpkin farm. The plan was for them to acquire skills beneficial for his future goal of managing his farm. This information is sourced from court documents.

Following a 911 call in Moab, Utah, reporting an altercation where Laundrie was seen striking Petito, he flew back to Florida, citing the need to clear out a storage unit near his parents’ residence to save money.

Upon returning home, he neglected to disclose the Moab incident to his parents and instead mentioned their plan to work at the farm in exchange for parking for Petito’s van. This account is detailed in depositions from Christopher and Roberta Laundrie.

During a phone call on August 28, Laundrie reiterated the plan to his mother, emphasizing their involvement in a farming co-op to extend their trip.

However, despite the focus on the farm, Laundrie did not provide specific details about Petito during his return home.

While Laundrie’s parents claimed ignorance of the Moab incident, Petito managed to text both her parents from the scene, capturing evidence of her injuries. Despite being separated for the night by the police, Laundrie later reunited with her on the road and tragically ended her life within a fortnight.

Petito was last sighted alive after leaving a Jackson, Wyoming, store on August 27, 2021. Subsequently, she disappeared following a public altercation between Laundrie and restaurant employees.

Laundrie’s erratic behavior led to his return to Florida, abandoning Petito’s van. The subsequent events culminated in a tragic end, with Laundrie taking his own life after confessing to Petito’s murder in a suicide note. Legal actions are underway, with Petito’s parents pursuing justice for the mishandling of the domestic incident by the Moab Police Department.