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Bookmark These 5 Family Vacation Ideas In India For The Summers

Bookmark these experiences in India for a family getaway. Credit: Instagram/bhavanapandey

Are you and your family adrenaline-chasers? These destinations in India, from sun-kissed beaches to majestic mountains, offer a thrilling escape this summer.

Best Places To Visit In India In Summer 2024 with Family

Learn Surfing In Varkala

Papanasam Beach, also known as Varkala Beach, has been recognised as one of the world’s 100 best beaches by the Lonely Planet guidebook. Unlike most Kerala beaches, Varkala beach is the only beach in the state where dramatic cliffs are situated adjacent to the vast Arabian Sea. This makes this stunning beach perfect for both strolls, instagrammable pictures and surfing. Varkala is therefore also home to many surf schools that offer surfing opportunities to both amateurs and professionals. You can head here with your family and partake in surfing lessons, enjoy evenings on beach shacks or explore the 2,000-year-old Janardana Swami Temple.

Cruise The Sundarbans Jungle

Immerse yourself in a symphony of nature’s sounds – wake up to the calls of exotic birds, the playful chatter of monkeys in the treetops, and the occasional rustle of a crocodile basking on the riverbanks with a river cruise in the Sundarbans. Keep your eyes peeled for Gangetic river dolphins gracefully breaching the water, playful Asian small-clawed otters frolicking on the riverbank, and turtles basking on logs. The skies come alive with a kaleidoscope of migratory birds – spot the majestic osprey, or perhaps even catch a glimpse of the elusive Royal Bengal tiger or a Brahminy kite soaring overhead. Explore charming villages and bustling markets, meet the friendly locals and learn about their way of life.

Safari in Jim Corbett National Park

Are you ready to see the majesty and beauty of wildlife? Look no further than India’s Jim Corbett National Park. The park provides a variety of safaris, including vehicle safaris, elephant safaris, and walking safaris, all of which allow you to get up close and personal with the park’s flora and animals. Keep a lookout for tigers, the park’s most famous occupants, while you explore the area. Other predators, such as leopards, as well as herds of wild elephants and deer, may also be seen.

Stay In A Geodesic dome In Sethan, Himachal Pradesh

Nestled just 16 km from Manali, Sethan village remains a hidden gem, offering a serene escape from the bustling tourist hubs of Shimla and Manali. Surrounded by pristine snow-capped hills and overlooking the Dhauladhar range with the Bes River nearby, Sethan Valley is home to only two dozen families, who migrate to Kullu Valley during winter’s peak. Away from Manali’s hustle, Sethan invites adventurous souls to indulge in skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and nature trails. It gained fame as India’s first igloo stay in 2016-2017 and now offers the chance to “glamp” in geodesic glass domes. Despite harsh winters, the village boasts smog-free skies, perfect for stargazing.

Whitewater Rafting in Ladakh’s Zanskar region

Looking for an exhilarating summer adventure? Consider whitewater rafting in Ladakh’s Zanskar region. The frigid waters rushing through the mountainous terrain offer an adrenaline rush unlike any other. And of course, the surrounding scenery is breathtaking. But whitewater rafting in Zanskar offers more than just thrills—it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in local culture. As you navigate the river, you’ll pass by traditional Zanskari villages, where you can engage with residents, learn about their customs, and even try local delicacies like skyu.