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Smartwatch Automatically Calls 911, Saving Bicyclist’s Life

An Apple Watch a day helps ward off the reaper.

Once again, Apple has proven its worth in a life-saving situation. A man from New York credits his Apple Watch for saving his life after a traumatic bike accident that left him severely injured.

Eric Zollinger, a 49-year-old real estate broker based in Midtown West, shared his harrowing experience of how his smartwatch automatically dialed 911 following the accident, which he described as a moment of sheer luck and gratitude. He praised the cleverness of the Apple Watch, stating that “Apple thinks of everything.”

The incident occurred last month during a heavy rainstorm as Zollinger was riding a Citi Bike home from work. Despite the short distance to his apartment, his commute took a dangerous turn when he encountered a water-filled pothole hidden beneath the surface. Forced to ride through it due to traffic behind him, he was thrown off his bike, hitting the pavement hard.

Following the fall, Zollinger’s Apple Watch detected the impact and promptly called emergency services. Despite initially assessing his injuries at home, he later experienced a nosebleed while showering, triggering the watch to alert 911 and his emergency contacts with his precise location.

After a medical examination revealed no broken bones, Zollinger spent three days indoors due to facial swelling and bruising, feeling self-conscious about his appearance. He emphasized the watch’s crucial role in his survival, acknowledging that without its timely intervention, the outcome could have been much worse.

Zollinger’s story adds to a growing list of incidents where the Apple Watch has acted as a lifesaving device. From detecting carbon monoxide leaks to monitoring heart irregularities, this smartwatch continues to prove its value beyond everyday use.