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Celebrating a Renewed Life: Arkansas Resident Finds Joy After Heart Transplant

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas – An Arkansan experienced a miraculous event that seemed uncertain for some time.

Janesha Coleman had been eagerly awaiting a heart transplant for years, and when the opportunity finally arose through a generous donation, it proved to be truly life-altering.

At the age of 34, Coleman received a diagnosis of congestive heart failure following the birth of her second child in 2019, describing the sensation as akin to constant suffocation.

Tragically, her health deteriorated further during a subsequent pregnancy in 2022.

“It became apparent that the left side of my heart was not functioning properly, leading to the placement of an impella device to assist with my breathing,” Coleman recounted.

Following a second cardiac episode, Coleman was admitted to Baptist Health in November 2023 and placed on the waiting list for a heart transplant.

According to officials, over 3,300 individuals are currently awaiting heart transplants on the national organ donor registry.

Reflecting on her journey, Coleman emphasized the uncertainty of life and the importance of being prepared for unexpected turns of events.

Unexpectedly, on December 1st, 2023, Coleman received the long-awaited news of a matching heart donor.

Recalling the moment, she shared, “I recall being wheeled into the operating room, but the rest is a blur until I woke up post-surgery.”

In an interview eight weeks after the transplant, Coleman highlighted the adjustments she must make during the ongoing flu season to protect her compromised immune system.

Wearing a mask and gloves has become a new routine for her, underscoring the need for caution and vigilance.

The visible reminders of her surgery, the stitches on her chest, serve as a testament to her resilience and determination, particularly as a single mother of three children.

Despite moments of despair, Coleman drew strength from her faith and her responsibilities as a mother, refusing to succumb to the challenges she faced.

Grateful for the selflessness of her anonymous organ donor, Coleman expressed profound appreciation for the gift of life she had received.

Acknowledging the fragility of life, she expressed gratitude for her renewed health and the opportunity to witness her children’s growth.

With a regimen of 18 medications post-transplant, Coleman remains hopeful for a future free from rejection and filled with blessings.

Her mother, Algerita Coleman, shared in her daughter’s relief and joy, reflecting on the emotional weight of witnessing a loved one’s suffering.

Despite the necessary precautions and adjustments due to her health condition, Coleman finds solace in the unwavering support of her family, who wholeheartedly embrace safety measures.

In moments of uncertainty, Coleman turns to her faith for guidance and strength, recognizing the profound impact of her journey on her spiritual connection.

Embracing her second chance at life, Coleman treasures each moment with her new heart, viewing it as a divine gift and a testament to her resilience and faith.