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Empowering New Campaign by St John WA and RSC Urges Everyone to Save Lives

St John WA and the Road Safety Commission (RSC) are sending a crucial reminder to drivers that Every Individual Can Make a Difference, through a compelling campaign involving first responders in collaboration with 303 MullenLowe.

The core message of the film “Every Individual Can Make a Difference” is aimed at all drivers, with a particular focus on the younger demographic. It emphasizes the unpredictable nature of driving and underscores the importance of being prepared for unforeseen events by participating in St John’s complimentary 15-minute First Aid For Me online course. This program provides participants with the necessary knowledge to potentially save lives in critical situations.

René Migliore, Managing Director of 303 MullenLowe Perth, highlighted the impactful simplicity of the true story that inspired the campaign. The visual centerpiece of the campaign portrays a first responder at a crash scene reaching into the vehicle to assist an unconscious driver, ultimately saving a life. This act was made possible by basic training that equipped the responder with the skills and confidence to intervene effectively. The campaign aims to resonate with drivers of all ages by showcasing how a single act can lead to saving a life.

Kevin Brown, the group chief executive officer of St John WA, emphasized that early first aid intervention could prevent approximately 15% of road fatalities, especially in cases involving blocked airways. While comprehensive CPR training remains invaluable, dedicating just 15 minutes to grasp the fundamentals of first aid could be the deciding factor between life and death. The collaborative effort between St John and the Road Safety Commission in launching the innovative “Every Individual Can Make a Difference” campaign is a pioneering initiative in Australia, aiming to broaden the reach of essential skills and knowledge.

Road Safety Commissioner Adrian Warner stressed the significance of post-crash care in diminishing the number of fatalities and severe injuries on WA roads. The campaign underscores the importance of equipping Western Australians with life-saving first aid skills to effectively respond in emergency situations, ultimately contributing to a safer road environment.

Smiljka Dimitrijevic, Head of Brand and Marketing, highlighted the collaborative effort between the media and communications teams following the surge in driving activities during the COVID period. The joint campaign with the Road Safety Commission aims to enhance patient outcomes and survival rates by educating the WA community about their role in emergency situations. The culmination of extensive work is the impactful and emotionally stirring “Every Individual Can Make a Difference” campaign, which is now accessible across various platforms including BVOD, audio, radio live reads, sponsorship, online, social, and display channels.