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Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Life and Challenges Arrive in Detroit

The formidable advocate for equality among all Americans, the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, championed the rights of both men and women. As the first Jewish woman and the second woman to sit on the court, she emerged as an iconic figure and a beacon of success in the American narrative.

Renowned playwright Rupert Holmes, a multi-platinum recording artist and Tony Award winner, undertook the challenge of portraying Ginsburg’s life journey in a compelling one-woman play that is currently embarking on a 19-city U.S. national tour.

Titled “All Things Equal: The Life and Trials of Ruth Bader Ginsburg,” this theatrical production is scheduled to grace the stage of the Fisher Theater in Detroit on Saturday, April 13.

While Rupert Holmes is widely recognized for his hit single “Escape (The Pina Colada Song),” his foray into the realm of theater and literature has garnered significant acclaim. From receiving a Tony Award for the Broadway musical-comedy “The Mystery of Edwin Drood” to earning accolades for his works such as “Say Goodnight, Gracie” and “Curtains,” Holmes has established himself as a versatile and accomplished artist. Currently, his novel series debut, “The McMasters Guide to Homicide: Murder Your Employer,” stands as a New York Times bestseller.

In the process of crafting the tribute to Ginsburg, Holmes meticulously navigated the complexities of creating a one-actor play that resonates with audiences. Drawing inspiration from Ginsburg’s multifaceted life, Holmes sought to infuse the narrative with humor and depth, capturing the essence of the legendary justice’s personal and professional triumphs.

Through meticulous research and a deep dive into Ginsburg’s passions, including her love for opera, Holmes intricately weaved together a narrative that delves into her formative years, legal battles, and pivotal contributions to the realm of justice. By humanizing Ginsburg and shedding light on her profound impact, Holmes aimed to transcend the caricatures and memes that often overshadowed her true essence.

“All Things Equal: The Life and Trials of Ruth Bader Ginsburg,” featuring Michelle Azar in the lead role, continues to captivate audiences nationwide with its poignant portrayal of Ginsburg’s legacy. As the play enters its third year of touring, it continues to receive resounding acclaim and standing ovations, offering audiences a deeper understanding of Ginsburg’s struggles and unwavering dedication to justice.