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Roller-Coaster Ride: Alexander’s Journey with the Lakers

The perspective from Jim:

  • This week exemplifies the rollercoaster experience of being a Lakers fan nowadays – a blend of agony and relief.

Trailing by 21 points against the Clippers in their recent matchup, the Lakers staged a remarkable comeback fueled by LeBron James’ determination. Subsequently, in a back-to-back game versus the lowly Washington Wizards, the Lakers struggled, engaging in a back-and-forth battle with numerous ties and lead changes, ultimately relying on LeBron’s clutch performance to secure the win.

  • Fans believing in Laker Exceptionalism must be feeling the strain. With a record of 33-28 in a season marked by relative health for LeBron James and Anthony Davis, the Lakers find themselves in the play-in zone, positioned ninth, 5½ games ahead of 11th place Utah, and 2½ games behind sixth place New Orleans.

The team’s performance has been marked by inconsistency, with a modest three-game winning streak and two four-game losing streaks. Facing challenges against certain opponents like Denver, the Lakers’ unpredictability keeps fans on edge.

  • The bottom line: Consistency is a rare commodity with this team. LeBron, defying age at 39, nears the incredible milestone of 40,000 career points, a feat likely to be achieved in the upcoming game.
  • Recent developments hint at a potential shift in the landscape of college sports, with the Big Ten and SEC pushing for a 14-team College Football Playoff format that favors their conferences. Speculation arises about a possible breakaway from the NCAA by these powerhouse conferences in the near future, impacting major events like the NCAA basketball tournament.
  • While power dynamics in sports continue to evolve, recent negotiations within Major League Soccer regarding the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup highlight the ongoing tensions between different leagues and governing bodies. Compromises are reached to ensure participation while acknowledging the broader soccer ecosystem.
  • Transitioning to women’s sports, the upcoming WNBA draft sparks interest, particularly with Caitlin Clark’s decision to turn pro. Fans in Southern California eagerly anticipate the opportunity to witness the new talent in action, with scheduling logistics adding to the excitement.
  • Reflecting on local sports journalism, a nod is given to a retiring executive sports editor, acknowledging their contribution to the field and the influence of their column, “In The Wake of the Week,” on current sports commentary.
  • For Lakers enthusiasts, the ongoing saga at the former Staples Center prompts a whimsical renaming suggestion, playfully referencing its evolving identity.

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