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Adele Criticizes NFL Fans Disliking Taylor Swift Coverage

If you express discontent over Taylor Swift’s presence at football games, then you might be surprised by Adele’s response. Prior to the Super Bowl, the 35-year-old “Hello” singer had a message for NFL fans critical of Swift, 34, supporting the Kansas City Chiefs alongside tight end Travis Kelce, 34: “Get a life.”

During her Las Vegas residency show, Adele addressed the criticism in a circulating clip, emphasizing, “For those of you complaining about Taylor Swift attending games, get a reality check. It’s her partner!” While seated at her piano, the “Skyfall” artist shared her dual support for the San Francisco 49ers and the Chiefs, particularly appreciating Swift’s influence on her enjoyment of the games despite her limited football knowledge.

Swift, who rushed to Las Vegas after a Tokyo performance to cheer on Kelce in the pursuit of the Lombardi trophy, candidly expressed her discomfort with the scrutiny from game cameras. Despite the backlash Swift faced for her game appearances, Adele’s staunch defense garnered praise from online admirers who commended her loyalty and support.

Swift’s high-profile presence at Chiefs games, backed by fellow musicians like Adele, sparked admiration among fans for the camaraderie and solidarity displayed. Despite the attention and occasional criticism, Swift remained steadfast in her support for Kelce and the Chiefs, attending crucial postseason matches and celebrating their victories, including a notable moment shared with Kelce after the AFC Championship win in Baltimore.

As Swift and Kelce’s relationship blossomed, with public appearances and confirmations following their initial connection, Swift reflected on her newfound appreciation for football and the joy it brought to her life. Embracing her role as a supportive partner, Swift navigated the challenges of public scrutiny with humor and grace, focusing on her genuine enthusiasm for the sport and her relationship with Kelce.

Throughout the season, Swift’s unwavering presence at games underscored her commitment to Kelce and the Chiefs, culminating in shared moments of triumph and celebration as they advanced in the postseason.