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Kevin Jones: Champion of Sustainable Energy and Education

Pioneering Sustainable Practices and Education

Kevin Jones, the former director of the Institute for Energy and the Environment at Vermont Law School, was known for his daily commute in an electric Chevy Bolt, embodying his commitment to sustainable living. Traveling from Chittenden to Royalton, Vermont, his journey along Route 100 not only reduced his carbon footprint but also showcased the practical benefits of electric vehicles, like regenerative braking which conserves energy on his 80-mile round trip. His choice of vehicle was a natural extension of his professional dedication to environmental advocacy and renewable energy solutions.

Kevin Jones with students in front of the law school’s solar array located in Royalton, Vt., in an undated photograph. It was the first project completed by the VLGS Energy Clinic, which Jones created in 2014. (Courtesy photograph)

Mentorship and Legacy in Energy Policy

Jones was revered for his dynamic role in shaping future leaders in the energy sector through hands-on academic programs, notably founding the VLGS Energy Clinic. His mentorship extended beyond the classroom, helping students like Nicole Lepre transition into impactful careers in transportation electrification. Tragically, his sudden passing from an aortic aneurysm in January left a significant void in the academic and energy policy communities, underlining the profound influence he had on those he taught and worked with.

Jones’ educational background and extensive experience in various high-level energy policy roles greatly influenced his approach to teaching and mentorship. His efforts at Vermont Law School led to the establishment of a vital educational hub for sustainable energy practices, where he guided students through complex legal and environmental challenges. In honor of his impactful career, the Kevin B. Jones Fund was established to support students aspiring to make a difference in the energy sector, ensuring his legacy of empowering the next generation of energy leaders continues to inspire and shape the field.