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A Century of Life and Lessons: Silver Maples’ Centenarians Defy Aging Stereotypes

From Christina Kim

While the beautiful gardens at Silver Maples of Chelsea include babbling fountains, they don’t promise a Fountain of Youth. Instead, individuals who call Silver Maples home have found their own secret to longevity: embracing aging and the holistic wellness-focused lifestyle that is offered by the community. This positive aging experience has supported some to enjoy life well into the century mark.

The current members of the 100+ Centenarians Club at Silver Maples of Chelsea. Left to right: Libby Sutherland, Delores Goulet, Dick Roller, Bertha Holmstrand, Henrietta (Babe) Elgas. Photo courtesy of Silver Maples.

In fact, Silver Maples is proudly home to a group of vibrant centenarians, aged from 100 to 104 – talk about a wealth of knowledge and experience! Together, these centenarians boast an impressive 42 years of residency at Silver Maples, with one individual calling Silver Maples home for a remarkable 15 years.Over the years we have celebrated several centenarian birthdays,” says Christina Kim, Director of Marketing and Sales. “What makes this year special is the fact that we currently have five centenarians residing at Silver Maples! This community milestone should be celebrated as it speaks to the vitality of our residents and exemplifies the essence of graceful aging.”

Centenarians, making up just 0.03% of the U.S. population, are rare treasures. Libby Sutherland who turned 100 last fall, advises, “Keep moving, smile, stay positive, and plan for tomorrow – it gets you out of bed.” Delores Goulet, newly minted at 100, encourages travel, lifelong learning and values volunteer work.

Despite societal aging stereotypes, these centenarians lead active lives, engaging in hobbies, serving on committees, socializing with friends and family, and participating in community events. Their zest for life challenges norms and proves that age is just a number and fun is timeless!

Their longevity secret? An active lifestyle, commitment to lifelong learning, and strong social bonds. Despite having lived through a century of experiences, these centenarians approach each day with a curiosity and eagerness to expand their horizons. Whether it’s reading books, attending lectures, or engaging in stimulating conversations, they understand the importance of keeping their minds sharp and active.

Furthermore, their strong social connections serve as a source of strength and support. Through the bonds forged with friends, family, and fellow residents, they find solace, companionship, and a sense of belonging. By nurturing these relationships, staying connected with their loved ones, and enlisting the support and guidance of the staff at Silver Maples, they cultivate a robust support system that provides a positive aging experience, that enriches their lives and helps them navigate the challenges of aging with grace and resilience.

In essence, Silver Maples’ growing number of centenarians is a testament to the community’s commitment to nurturing its residents and facilitating their remarkable journey towards graceful aging. Whether their residents are embarking on exciting excursions, or simply enjoying each other’s company, they are embracing life, inspiring us all with their unwavering spirit and commitment to healthy living.

Cheers to Silver Maples’ centenarians – the true champions of graceful aging! Their spirit, zest, and healthy living are an inspiration. Let’s celebrate their milestones, draw from their stories, and ensure our own lives are filled with purpose, vitality, and joy.  After all, who needs a Fountain of Youth when you’ve got friendship, laughter, and support?

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