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Natalie Accuses Josh of ‘Leading Me On’ with Uncertain Future

In the latest episode, Natalie prepared herself for a potentially confrontational discussion with her partner regarding her unmet expectations in the relationship.

At the start of the episode, Natalie’s mother, who recently relocated from Ukraine to the United States, expressed bewilderment over Josh’s reluctance to propose to Natalie. This hesitation on Josh’s part starkly contrasted with Natalie’s previous marriage experiences, particularly her first American relationship and third marriage, where her partner promptly proposed and suggested cohabitation under the K-1 Visa.

Natalie’s mother candidly remarked, “I find Josh to be quite peculiar. He has not introduced you to his children or his mother. Natalie, I fail to see the rationale behind being with a man who shows no inclination towards marriage and starting a family.”

Reflecting on her past marital challenges, Natalie acknowledged her mother’s disappointment and her own enduring desire for marriage and children.

Recalling the poignant conversation with her mother, Natalie recognized that she had been patiently awaiting commitments from Josh that had not materialized yet. She lamented, “In my previous relationships, I would have been married by this point. I explicitly informed him that upon my relocation to L.A., there should be no more delays. We would be residing in the same city. Therefore, any excuses he presents are simply unfounded.”

Feeling emotionally burdened by the uncertainty of her relationship with Josh, Natalie confessed, “It seems like Josh has strung me along for a year. I am uncertain about what I am holding out for in this situation.”

The breaking point for Natalie was Josh’s failure to include her in his holiday plans, citing her unfamiliarity with his daughter as the reason. Natalie believed that a simple introduction would suffice to address this issue. Overwhelmed with emotion, she tearfully expressed to the producers, “It’s a struggle because logically I understand—I am clear-headed, but emotionally, I am still attached.”

During their subsequent meeting, Josh appeared apprehensive, possibly sensing the escalating tension. Compounded by concerns raised by his friends about Natalie potentially taking advantage of him financially, Josh admitted his uncertainty about the future in a solo interview. Upon Natalie’s arrival, she bypassed Josh, prompting him to follow her with a resigned sigh, exclaiming to the production team, “Here we go.”

The episode concluded on this suspenseful note, teasing further conflicts as Natalie bluntly refers to Josh as “weak.”