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Mayo Clinic Saves 7-Year-Old Duluth Girl with Vital Heart Transplant

ROCHESTER, MN. (Northern News Now) – Back in December, we brought you the touching tale of a young girl from Duluth facing unthinkable challenges.

Seven-year-old Roya Snyder was in urgent need of a heart transplant due to her heart’s failure to function properly, a condition known as cardiomyopathy.

After nearly 10 months of waiting, Roya finally received the life-saving heart she required.

“I never saw it coming,” expressed Mya Snyder, Roya’s mother, reflecting on the unexpected news.

Following the transplant earlier this week, Roya’s father, Derek, shared, “She’s progressing remarkably well.”

Roya Snyder at the Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minn.(Northern News Now)

Roya’s medical team at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester confirmed the success of the transplant, highlighting the complexity of the procedure due to the misshapenness of Roya’s original heart, which impaired its pumping function and blood circulation.

Despite the joyous outcome, Roya’s parents acknowledged the bittersweet reality that their daughter’s newfound hope was made possible by another family’s profound loss.

Expressing deep gratitude, Roya’s parents vowed to honor the donor’s memory by setting a place at their table during holidays, ensuring the donor’s legacy lives on.

The Snyder family found solace and strength in the unwavering support of their community during this challenging period.

“We are immensely thankful for every contribution we’ve received. In our darkest hour, the outpouring of support has been a beacon of light,” shared Mya.

As Roya embarks on the road to recovery, symbolized by retiring her shiny backpack for a new beginning with her transplanted heart, her parents are optimistic about the journey ahead.

While Roya’s immediate future includes being weaned off the ventilator, she will remain in close proximity to the Mayo Clinic for the next three months under medical supervision before she can return home.

To offer assistance to Roya’s family in covering her medical expenses, please consider donating [link to donation page].

Sidewalk in Rochester Minn. celebrating Roya Snyder’s heart transplant.(Northern News Now)

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