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4 just-added Windows 11 features that make your life easier

Thomas Joos

This feature is called “Snap Layout.” With Windows 11 Moment 5, Microsoft is expanding these functions and offering more options for the automatic arrangement of windows. It takes some getting used to, but if you often work with several applications at the same time, you’ll quickly learn how to use it and it makes it much easier to arrange windows.

Windows Airdrop is being expanded

With the Windows feature “Nearby,” also known as “Nearby Sharing,” users can share files between Windows PCs more easily. This function is based on Airdrop in macOS. With the new Moment 5 update, users can control more sharing details — for example, the name of the PC when using “Nearby.” This makes sharing easier.

Windows Nearby Sharing


Microsoft has improved sharing in Windows 11 Moment 5 in general. In many places, including in Windows Explorer, files can now be shared more easily. Environment sharing appears more frequently here. In addition, you will now find more apps in the quick menu for sharing, such as Teams, Whatsapp, or Facebook.

Fix problems more easily

In the future, the option “Fix problems using Windows Update” will be available in the Windows 11 settings under System > Recovery. If Microsoft is aware of your problem and an update is available to help fix it, it can be installed here.

During the process, Windows 11 is reinstalled using the current version. All settings and data on the system are retained. Basically, the procedure is similar to the cloud installation. This function has been part of Windows 11 for a while, but is easier and more directly accessible as of Moment 5.

What’s next: After Moment 5 comes Windows 11 24H2

The next Windows update for Windows 11 is the 24H2 update, which is already available as a preview for Insiders. However, the update to 24H2 also increases the demands on the CPU.

Windows 11 24H2 also blocks various third-party apps so that users can no longer customize the taskbar and Start menu, for example. This is the case with the well-known tool and . It seems as if Microsoft wants to block various programs.

Older PCs that are currently still compatible with Windows 11 may not be able to be updated to Windows 11 24H2. Intel Core 2 Duo T6500 CPUs and AMD Turion II P650 processors are apparently affected. However, other processors may be added.

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