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Transformation of Tammy Slaton: From ‘Bitter and Suicidal’ to ‘Happier’ with 440-Lb. Weight Loss

“Bragging” about the transformative impact of her weight loss journey, a 37-year-old celebrity recently shared insights on how shedding over 440 lbs has significantly enhanced her quality of life. In a TikTok video response to a follower’s query about the changes she has experienced, the star reflected on her journey from a state of bitterness, unhappiness, and severe depression to a more positive outlook post-rehabilitation.

Expressing gratitude for the positive changes, she highlighted a shift towards a more optimistic and appreciative demeanor, emphasizing the noticeable improvements in her interactions with others and her overall happiness. The celebrity joyfully recounted personal achievements beyond mere weight loss, such as enjoying rides at Disney World and embarking on adventures like riding in a hot air balloon, activities that were once out of reach.

Reflecting on her newfound zest for life and the ability to tackle challenges with a lighter heart, she humorously acknowledged the hurdles she faces with a lighthearted spirit. Emphasizing her newfound appreciation for life and the ability to navigate obstacles with resilience, she humorously acknowledged her progress with a touch of self-deprecating humor.

The star’s journey of transformation also included significant milestones like being able to sit in a car’s front seat without needing a seatbelt extender, taking her first flight, and experiencing the beach for the first time during a family vacation. Following bariatric surgery in July 2022, she has successfully shed a remarkable amount of weight, reaching 285 lbs from her highest recorded weight of 725 lbs.

In a previous interview with PEOPLE, the celebrity highlighted the profound impact of these achievements, underscoring the significance of seemingly minor victories that hold immense personal value. From regaining mobility without assistance to fitting into a regular vehicle comfortably, each milestone symbolized a monumental triumph in her weight loss journey.

For those in need of support, resources for suicide prevention and crisis intervention were also provided at the end of the original text.