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Explore Interactive Animal Exhibits at Orlando Science Center’s New Life Exhibit

ORLANDO, Fla. – A cutting-edge Central Florida attraction is providing an immersive animal experience intertwined with scientific exploration. [Life], a project that has been in development for over a decade with a multi-million-dollar investment, has recently opened its doors at the [Orlando Science Center].

John Gau, captivated by the unique encounter, expressed his astonishment, stating, “It’s surreal, I’ve never witnessed anything quite like it. The interaction with the sloth, reaching out as if to engage with me—I even captured a selfie with her, it’s truly remarkable.”

Accompanied by his son Shelby, Gau explored the latest addition to the Orlando Science Center, [Life]. This exhibit showcases three distinct habitats: The Swamp, the Ocean, and the Rainforest, where an array of animals such as sun conures, tortoises, and golden-headed lion tamarins freely roam.

Jenny Volz, the Animal Care Manager, emphasized the unique aspect of each exhibit being a mixed-species environment. She introduced one of the stars of the show, Izzy, the hoffmans two-toed sloth, allowing visitors to connect with the animals on a personal level.

The primary goal of the Orlando Science Center is to use these animals as storytellers and educators, shedding light on conservation efforts and the challenges faced by various species in the wild. Volz highlighted, “By featuring these animals here, we aim to raise awareness about their counterparts in the wild, encouraging visitors to take action towards their preservation.”

The habitats within [Life] have been meticulously designed and maintained to replicate natural settings. For instance, the Rainforest habitat mirrors the warm and humid conditions of its real-world counterpart.

The Swamp section showcases indigenous species like alligators and turtles, providing an educational experience about the local ecosystem. Visitors like Jenna Sola appreciate the opportunity to learn about the natural world surrounding them.

One of the highlights is the 10,000-gallon Ocean tank, teeming with vibrant coral, fish, and sharks. Dr. Sarah Layton, a passionate scuba and shark diver, expressed her enthusiasm for this area, emphasizing her lack of fear towards these majestic creatures.

Dr. Layton, the leading sponsor of [Life], made a significant contribution to the $13.5 million project, which has now materialized into a captivating reality. Overwhelmed with emotion, she shared, “It’s truly exhilarating. Witnessing a child gaze into the shark tank with sheer delight is a rewarding experience, knowing that their excitement may fuel a lifelong passion for science.”

Despite the introduction of this innovative exhibit, longtime visitors like Gau reminisce about their fond memories at the Orlando Science Center. Gau reflected, “I’ve been coming here since my youth, much like my son now. Continuing this tradition and witnessing the evolution of the center’s offerings has been a truly enriching experience.”

In conjunction with the new attraction and the diverse animal population, the Orlando Science Center has expanded its team, welcoming animal specialists and veterinarians to ensure the well-being of the residents.