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Former Partner of Wall Street’s Wolf Advises Margot Robbie on Nude Scene

The former wife of the real-life Wolf of Wall Street has disclosed the candid advice she offered after the actress expressed her dismay at the prospect of disrobing for a nude scene while filming a successful movie about the disgraced financier.

Nadine Macaluso, aged 56, crossed paths with Jordan Belfort, aged 61, when she was a 22-year-old model.

Their relationship blossomed, leading to marriage in 1991 and the birth of two children. However, their union came to an end in 2005 after 14 years, following Jordan’s imprisonment for financial crimes.

Following their separation, Nadine accused the broker of misconduct driven by his severe drug addiction and numerous extramarital affairs.

The real-life Wolf of Wall Street’s ex-wife has revealed the very frank advice she gave to Margot Robbie after the actress voiced her horror over having to film a naked scene for the movie

Nadine Macaluso, 56, who now works as a marriage counselor and family therapist in Florida, met Jordan Belfort, 61, when she was just 22 years old and working as a model

The two soon became engulfed in a whirlwind romance, tying the knot in 1991 and welcoming two children together, before they ultimately divorced in 2005 after 14 years of marriage

Their relationship was portrayed in the 2013 flick Wolf of Wall Street, which starred Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan and Margot as Nadine, who was renamed Naomi for the movie

Now, Nadine told that Margot shared her terror over having to get naked on camera for the flick, but she helped the actress use her fear to make her performance even stronger

The portrayal of Nadine and Jordan’s tumultuous relationship, along with Jordan’s fraudulent activities resulting in the misappropriation of nearly $200 million from investors, was depicted in the highly acclaimed 2013 film “Wolf of Wall Street,” featuring Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan and Margot Robbie as Nadine, renamed Naomi for the movie.

Recently, the former model turned therapist shared insights exclusively with about her private conversation with Margot, 33, before the commencement of filming.

She recounted how the actress expressed her apprehension about filming a nude scene, and Nadine guided her to harness that fear to enhance her performance.

During their discussion, Nadine drew parallels between Margot’s fears and her own struggles during her marriage to Jordan, emphasizing the challenge of speaking truth to more powerful individuals.

Margot had previously voiced her discomfort with on-screen nudity and had even conveyed her reservations to the director, Martin Scorsese.

Nadine told, ’I took her to dinner and she said me,

But she said she told the young star, ‘That right there, that fear of speaking your truth to more powerful men, that’s how I felt every day’

But she said she told the young star, ‘That right there, that fear of speaking your truth to more powerful men, that’s how I felt every day’

Margot (seen in the flick) previously spoke out about having to strip down for the movie, and she revealed that Martin told her could wear a robe if she preferred

In response, Martin suggested that Margot wear a robe for the scene. However, Margot opted to remain fully nude, believing it would serve the film and her character better.

Margot emphasized her stance on nudity, condemning its gratuitous use and asserting the importance of authenticity in portraying characters true to their nature.

While reflecting on the movie’s depiction of her past trauma with Jordan, Nadine expressed initial apprehension about how she would be portrayed, given her perception of Scorsese’s portrayal of women.

But in the end, she decided it would be better for the movie, as well as her character, if she was completely nude. She’s seen in the film

She acknowledged the lack of control over her portrayal in the film, a situation that she found unsettling.

Despite undergoing extensive therapy to prepare for the movie’s release, Nadine stood firm on one decision—to refrain from using her real name in the film, a choice she upheld despite Jordan’s attempts to persuade her otherwise.

Jordan (Leo as him in the movie) spent 22 months in prison after it was revealed he had scammed more than 1,500 people through an stockbroker scheme in 1999

Jordan (seen in real life) spent 22 months in prison after it was revealed he had scammed more than 1,500 people through an stockbroker scheme in 1999

While chatting with, Nadine also dished on her initial reaction to finding out that her worst nightmares would be depicted on the big screen

She said she was ‘so nervous’ about ‘how she was going to be portrayed’ because she ‘doesn’t think Martin loves women’

Nadine has become a viral TikTok star for spilling numerous secrets about their marriage and using her experience to give others who may be dealing with unhealthy relationships advice

Upon viewing the film, Nadine experienced a sense of relief, noting that while the portrayal differed from her own perspective, she was content with the outcome.

In recent months, Nadine has gained popularity on TikTok, where she distinguishes between the movie’s accuracy and exaggerations, leveraging her experience to offer advice to those grappling with toxic relationships.

Her newly released book aims to empower survivors to cultivate healthy, fulfilling relationships armed with knowledge and awareness.

Jordan served 22 months in prison for orchestrating a fraudulent stockbroker scheme that victimized over 1,500 individuals during his marriage to Nadine in 1999.

Nadine has since remarried John Macaluso, with whom she has shared 23 years and a blended family comprising his three children from a previous relationship.