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Life Sentence for Wisconsin Woman Convicted of Murdering Friend with Eyedrops

The Wisconsin woman who was found guilty of stealing $290,000 and convicted of the murder of her friend Lynn Hernan was sentenced to life in prison on Friday, as the victim’s family ominously cautioned that the “Devil awaits.”

During the sentencing in a Waukesha, Wisconsin courtroom, Jessy Kurczewski displayed minimal emotion as Judge Jennifer Dorow delivered the sentence, breaking into tears only during her own lengthy testimony.

Kurczewski, aged 40, was convicted of 1st Degree Intentional Homicide in November for the October 2018 killing of Lynn Hernan.

Following 30 years, she may be considered for supervised release.

Judge Dorow emphasized the gravity of the offense and the necessity to safeguard the public in her decision-making process. She stated, “When considering the severity of the crime and the public’s protection, these are crucial factors.”

Jessy Kurczewski received a life sentence for poisoning Lynn Hernan with eye drops in 2018.

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Dorow projected that without the theft charges, Kurczewski would be close to 70 years old, surpassing Lynn’s current age. She highlighted the significant impact of a 30-year sentence and set a target release age of 80 for Kurczewski. Consequently, she imposed maximum consecutive sentences for counts two and three, in addition to count one.

The convicted murderer was handed the maximum sentences for two theft counts, totaling 10 years in prison and 10 years of extended supervision.

Dorow justified the stringent sentence based on Kurczewski’s prior criminal record and her lack of compliance while on extended supervision, emphasizing the gravity of her actions.

The primary objective, as stated by Dorow, is to ensure Kurczewski remains incarcerated until she no longer poses a threat to society. She remarked, “Your propensity for theft and fraud makes no one safe in your presence.”

Lynn Hernan was discovered deceased with crushed medication on her chest in her Pewaukee residence on October 3, 2018.

Kurczewski exhibited emotion solely during her two-hour testimony on Friday.

Dorow noted that Kurczewski had fabricated false documents, concealed evidence, and rationalized her actions before shifting blame upon being apprehended.

During a victim impact statement, one of Hernan’s friends labeled Kurczewski as a monster and criticized the leniency of the sentences.

Addressing the court, James Keliher demanded a life sentence without the possibility of parole for Jessy, condemning her for the murder of Lynn Hernan. He also accused Kurczewski of being responsible for the deaths of Hernan’s pets.

Judge Dorow reiterated the aim of keeping Kurczewski incarcerated until she no longer poses a threat to society.

Kurczewski’s theft from Hernan amounted to $290,000.

The emotional testimony further alleged that Kurczewski exploited Hernan’s kindness after she inherited money from her parents, ultimately resorting to poisoning and stealing from her.

Kurczewski admitted to mixing Visine into a water bottle and giving it to Hernan in 2018, leading to her death.

Keliher described Kurczewski as “pure evil,” asserting that she possessed diabolical traits and had committed heinous acts.

Medical examiners confirmed Hernan’s death as a homicide upon discovering tetrahydrozoline, a Visine ingredient, in her system.

Keliher concluded by expressing his disdain for Kurczewski and his hope that she faces retribution for her actions.

Kurczewski will be eligible for extended supervision when she reaches nearly 80 years of age.

The emotional impact of the crimes and the devastation caused were palpable in the courtroom, as friends and family sought justice for Lynn Hernan and closure in the wake of this tragic event.