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What Are You Playing This Weekend? (27th April)

Another week is almost over, which means it’s once again time to kick back, relax, and play some games.

Before we do, however, let’s just do a quick recap of some of the stories from this week. First up, , which is always welcome in our book. We also got our at , the new Lord of the Rings-themed farm sim for the Switch. It looks… okay..? See what you think.

Arguably the biggest story this week, however, was our for on the Switch, and gosh, we’re just so excited for the game to come out next month. We also reviewed a few games too, of course, including the likes of , , and.

Jim Norman, Staff Writer

After last week’s sales, I think I am going to be big and brave and try to play some of the games that I actually own this weekend. I’m really keen to get in a bit more time with on the 3DS after that has taken a bit of a back seat recently and I’m also hoping to revisit my beloved before it hits its 20th (!!) birthday next week.

Yes, is only £8.74 on the eShop at the moment, but I have to remain strong…

Ollie Reynolds, Staff Writer

I’m still on a bit of a Fallout high at the moment, so I downloaded the next-gen update for and once again stepped out of Vault 111 and into the wasteland beyond. I’m really enjoying my time with the franchise again, and if Bethesda had any sense, it would refocus its efforts on Fallout 5 right now. Please.

I’m actually not playing the Switch at all currently. No sir. It’s all 3DS for me this weekend. I’ve started and plan to play through every Mario ‘RPG’ on the 3DS (yes, even ). Got to prep for The Thousand-Year Door somehow, right?

Kate Gray, Contributor

I started watching that new Fallout show, and I’m only two episodes in, but so far all it’s made me think is “boy do I want to play Fallout”. So then I played , and time has not been kind to it, so then I had to switch to my PC and download about 70 mods, which was a harrowing experience that took three days. Now I have all the mods ready to go, and I find myself not really wanting to play Fallout New Vegas anymore! Frustrating.

I picked up again, and I do think that it will come to the Switch at some point because it basically is the same as Dragon’s Dogma 1. Someone called it a “messterpiece” and I very much agree — it’s got some incredible design, alongside some choices that we would have found outdated ten years ago. I love it.

Over on the Switch, I’m still playing before bed, but video games have sort of lost their shine for me a little bit lately. I find myself wanting to play the same old games but modded, which means the Switch gets pushed to the side whether I want it to or not. I’m really looking forward to finding something meaty to sink my video game teeth into, but I haven’t found it yet. Recommendations always welcome.