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Weekend Gaming Plans: April 20th

The weekend has arrived once more, and the anticipation for some gaming fun is palpable! But before diving into that realm, let’s reflect on the events of the past week.

The major highlight was Nintendo’s first announcement of the year, which, while not unveiling the highly anticipated title, still brought forth a plethora of exciting updates, including [list of goodies]. Interestingly, Nintendo also coincidentally commenced its [event name] on the same day—quite a curious alignment, wouldn’t you say?

Additionally, we had the privilege of engaging in a discussion with The Guardian’s [Name] regarding her upcoming Nintendo book, exploring the latest [product name], and contemplating the reasons behind [situation].

Furthermore, we shared insightful reviews, offering our perspectives on [product name] and [product name].

Without further ado, let’s delve into the gaming plans of our team members this weekend. Here’s a sneak peek:

Jim Norman, Staff Writer

Currently engrossed in [game name], I find myself immersed in the intricacies of the gameplay, particularly fixated on the card dynamics. However, to curb my obsession and preserve my finances, I am contemplating restarting my journey from scratch. There’s something about this week and the unmentioned game that has reignited my interest in embarking on a fresh adventure in Hallownest. Perhaps this time, I will see it through to the end.

Ollie Reynolds, Staff Writer

While exploring [game name] on the Switch (stay tuned for my upcoming review), most of my gaming hours are dedicated to the Xbox platform. The buzz surrounding the new Fallout TV series has lured me back to the Capital Wasteland with Fallout 3, reminding me of its enduring charm and brilliance.

Gavin Lane, Editor

Having initiated my Playdate with Mars After Midnight during a recent flight, I intend to continue my exploration of this game over the weekend. Additionally, inspired by intriguing reports, I will delve into [game name] on my Wii U. As the Game Boy celebrates its 35th anniversary, I am inclined to spend quality time with my DMG-001. Alternatively, I may finally indulge in the remake on the Switch. Time will tell what adventures await. Enjoy your weekend, everyone.

Felix Sanchez, Video Producer

My weekend gaming agenda includes [game name]. Having completed the initial two cases, I am eager to unravel the subsequent mysteries. The second case, in particular, captivated me with its engaging storyline and an unexpected twist at the conclusion. Furthermore, I have arranged a gaming session with friends, featuring [game name] and [game name]. I am especially thrilled about playing Move It, as my brief experience with it was truly remarkable. With a lineup brimming with diverse gaming experiences, I am looking forward to an exciting weekend of gameplay.

Gonçalo Lopes, Contributor

The eShop continues to deliver engaging experiences, with [game name] and [game name] emerging as top choices for weekend entertainment. While my fascination with EDF persists, I plan to progress further in my Halo: Spartan Strike adventure and make strides in [game name]. The ‘90s nostalgia beckons, prompting me to indulge in a marathon of Contra over the next 48 hours, alongside [game name] and [game name].

My standout game of the week is [game name]. Following its release trailer across various platforms, the arrival of this gem on Switch is a long-awaited delight. Given its launch a day before the Indie World Direct, I feel compelled to recommend this title to those who might have overlooked it. Dive in and enjoy!

Kate Gray, Contributor

Rediscovering [game name] after a brief encounter with the Fallout show left me yearning for the immersive experience of playing Fallout. Dreaming of the day when the Fallouts might grace the Switch, especially with Microsoft’s newfound openness to cross-platform exclusivity… A distant hope, perhaps, but one can always dream.

Craig Reid, Video Producer (Pure Xbox)

Courtesy of a fellow enthusiast at Nintendo Life, I have succumbed to an absolute obsession with [game name]—those adorable little creatures with their endearing squishy heads are simply irresistible. While I anticipate losing myself in this delightful world for the majority of the weekend, I recently made a substantial investment in [game name] from the Nintendo Store, which warrants my immediate attention. Additionally, my current fascination with [game name] is unwavering, and I find myself overseeing the dwellers in my expansive vault within the Wasteland. With these engaging pursuits in mind, I bid you all happy gaming!

Alana Hagues, Deputy Editor

Following the latest Direct (specifically the Indie World showcase), the prospect of exploring more demos excites me. [game name] is at the top of my list for this weekend, as I have been captivated by its aesthetics since its announcement. Furthermore, I recently acquired one of the shadowdrops from the Indie World event—[game name]. Its charming and cozy appeal serves as a delightful contrast to my brief foray into the Soulsborne realm (a return to which is imminent). That concludes my gaming itinerary for the week—have a fantastic weekend, everyone!