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Zoe Weinrobe Elevated to Chief of Real Estate at 2Life Communities Amid Significant Expansion

Strategic Leadership in Affordable Housing

2Life Communities has announced the promotion of Zoe Weinrobe to Chief of Real Estate, marking a significant advancement in her career within the organization. Over her seven-year tenure, Weinrobe has been instrumental in developing nearly 400 affordable housing units and managing major renovations at 2Life’s Golda Meir and Coleman Houses in Newton. This new role will see her leading the real estate development efforts during a pivotal time of growth for the organization.

Pioneering Future Developments

Under Weinrobe’s leadership, 2Life Communities is undertaking several ambitious projects aimed at expanding affordable housing options. These include the Opus Newton middle-income housing initiative, a collaborative redevelopment of the J.J. Carroll Apartments in Brighton with the Boston Housing Authority, and the Brooke House at Olmsted Village in Mattapan. Lizbeth Heyer, President of 2Life Communities, praised Weinrobe’s exceptional leadership and commitment, which have propelled the organization toward unprecedented growth and solidified its reputation in the affordable housing sector.

A Vision for Community and Senior Living

Weinrobe expressed her enthusiasm for the progress made and the future direction of 2Life Communities, emphasizing the organization’s mission to create vibrant, purposeful living spaces for seniors. Her background includes significant contributions to affordable housing through previous roles at Recap Real Estate Advisors and various public housing authorities, leveraging the HUD’s Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program. Holding a master’s degree in city planning from MIT and a distinguished academic record from Cornell University, Weinrobe’s extensive experience and education drive her dedication to enhancing community living spaces for seniors, ensuring they remain both accessible and enriching.

2Life Communities continues to thrive under such dedicated leadership, fostering environments where seniors can enjoy connectivity and engagement, crucial for combating social isolation—a growing concern in today’s aging population.