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Revitalizing a Classic Romance: The Notebook’s Timeless Revival

Delve into the insights of the cast and crew as they discuss the upcoming Broadway debut of the new musical created by Bekah Brunstetter and Ingrid Michaelson.

Prepare to be enchanted as the production gears up for its Broadway premiere. Previews for this new musical will commence on February 10, with the grand opening scheduled for March 14. Prior to its arrival at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, the cast and crew engaged in a conversation with Playbill, shedding light on how this rendition of the iconic love tale offers a fresh perspective to both devoted fans and newcomers alike. Witness the team’s enthusiasm for the creative journey in the video above.

Set against the backdrop of a nursing home, the musical narrates the love saga of Allie and Noah, with Noah reading to Allie, an Alzheimer’s patient, from a notebook daily in the hopes of rekindling memories of their shared past.

Given that this production is an adaptation of the bestselling novel and film, it prompts contemplation on whether this musical will mirror its predecessors. Co-director affirms, “This Notebook stands as a unique experience in its own right,” co-directing alongside Williams.

The story unfolds through three pairs of actors portraying Noah and Allie in various stages of their lives. , portraying Middle Noah, expresses pride in collectively shaping Noah’s character alongside , embodying Younger Noah, and , embodying Older Noah.

“It’s truly rewarding to collaborate and sculpt a character as a team, and I am grateful for John and Dorian for their distinct interpretations of this character, just as I have mine,” Vasquez remarks. “I am particularly thankful for the inclusion of the fourth Noah, John Basie, who portrayed the role in Chicago and passed away last summer. His spirit is among us, adding to this diverse mix of talents.”

takes on the role of Younger Allie, while portrays Middle Allie, and the Tony Award-winner completes the trio as Older Allie.

The Notebook boasts a book by the playwright and a score by the singer-songwriter . Co-lead Producer Kurt Deutsch fondly recalls his emotional response upon hearing some of Michaelson’s initial audition compositions.

“I vividly recall walking down 9th Avenue with my earbuds in. There was a song called ‘I Know.’ As I listened, tears streamed down my face,” Deutsch shares.

The Notebook on Broadway Meets the Press

Witness the captivating images from the press event capturing the essence of The Notebook on Broadway.

The production will showcase scenic design by David Zinn and Brett J. Banakis, costume design by Paloma Young, lighting design by Ben Stanton, sound design by Nevin Steinberg, and hair and wig design by Mia Neal. Carmel Dean will serve as the production’s music supervisor, collaborating on arrangements with Ingrid Michaelson and orchestrations with John Clancy. Geoffrey Ko will take on the role of music director. The casting is overseen by The Telsey Office’s Patrick Goodwin.

The Notebook achieved immense success as a film in 2004, propelling its leads Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams to stardom.