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My Favourite Cake”: A Tribute to the Resilient Women of Iran at the Berlin Premiere

A Poignant Premiere: Iranian Filmmakers Stand in Solidarity with Women’s Rights

Iranian filmmakers faced significant obstacles as they premiered “My Favourite Cake” at the Berlin Film Festival, with directors barred from attending due to a travel ban from Iran’s strict regime. The poignant absence of the directors was symbolically marked by two vacant seats at the press conference, underscoring their forced separation from the event much like parents unable to witness their child’s milestones. Actress Lily Farhadpour, who was able to attend, shared their collective heartache and hope, stressing the unifying power of cinema.

Cinematic Defiance: “My Favourite Cake” Challenges Conventional Boundaries

Set against the backdrop of recent protests sparked by Mahsa Amini’s tragic death, “My Favourite Cake” emerges as a bold narrative, one of the first Iranian films to show women without headscarves in a home setting since 1979. This creative choice not only reflects the changing dynamics within Iran but also highlights the filmmakers’ courage in challenging deep-seated societal norms. The film uses humor and drama to explore themes of loneliness and companionship, making a strong statement about personal freedom and social constraints.

Dedication to Change: Iranian Filmmakers’ Ode to Women’s Courage

In a heartfelt dedication at the Berlin premiere, the film was attributed to the brave women of Iran, who risk everything in the fight for equality and freedom. The filmmakers’ commitment to truth-telling is evident not only in this latest work but also in their previous projects, like “Ballad Of White Cow”—a gripping tale about a woman grappling with the wrongful execution of her husband. Despite facing censorship and potential legal challenges, including a harrowing incident where their passports were confiscated, the directors persist in their mission to convey the genuine plights and joys of Iranian women.