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The ‘insane’ sleeping hack that ‘works wonders’: ‘Best sleep of my…

Who needs an eye mask when you have a closet full of sweatshirts?

As a last resort to get some shut-eye, sleep-deprived TikTokers are tying sweatshirts around their heads at night.

“It’s so comfortable. I don’t know how to explain it,” Callie Galey, a content creator, said in with over 19 million views, adding that she resorted to the bizarre sleep method out of “desperation.”

“It works wonders.”

Galey demonstrated her crewneck contraption on TikTok to 19 million viewers.

The Mississippi native said she got the “best sleep of my life” after DIY-ing the mummy-esque mask, which involves placing the crewneck over her eyes and around her head — leaving her nose and mouth exposed, of course — and wrapping the sleeves underneath her chin.

While some people said it looked “insane” and others feared that trying it themselves would result in them waking up in a suffocated panic, experts say there’s a scientific reason behind the madness.

In fact, it’s also known as “swaddling” — yes, like an infant — and the tightly wrapped fabric creates a sense of security and comfort, board-certified physician Dr. Jessica Andrade told . In addition to blocking out light and sound, the swaddle can calm people with anxiety as well, she added.

“Additionally, the slight pressure exerted by the sweatshirt could create a cocoon-like effect, similar to a weighted blanket, which has been shown to promote relaxation and improve sleep quality for some people,” explained Andrade, who is also a brand ambassador for the supplement brand Natrol.

Experts say insomniacs may benefit from the swaddle of the sweatshirt on their head. Getty Images

However, the sweatshirt method may not be as secure as a traditional eye mask, which uses a strap to stay securely on your head as you catch some z’s, according to sleep expert Dr. Shelby Harris, the director of sleep health at Sleepopolis. Sleep masks are specifically manufactured to fit the face with special materials and designed to block out light, she noted.

Not to mention, snoozers may run the risk of suffocation or overheating with the hoodie hack with all the excess fabric around your head and face, according to Andrade.

Harris noted that looping the sleeves under the chin puts sleepers at risk of airflow restriction, and could irritate your skin — in other words, it may do the opposite of relaxing you before dozing off.

“Just keep a few things in mind: make sure it’s not too tight, doesn’t make you too hot, and doesn’t mess with your breathing,” Harris advised. “If it feels uncomfortable or you’re not getting the results you want, it’s OK to skip it and try something else. Just listen to your body and do what works best for you.”

Sleep experts warned that the so-called hack may not be for everyone.

For those unable to tolerate the crewneck cocoon, other hacks have emerged online to help insomniacs get some shut-eye.

While have been linked to better sleep, the sleepy girls of TikTok have crafted a mocktail to help them drift off to dreamland. Aptly dubbed the “,” the concoction is comprised of tart cherry juice, magnesium powder and seltzer water.

Dr. Anne Mooney, who runs the Sleep Well Doc clinic in Manhattan, previously told The Post that she finds the bedtime beverage “very clever.” While magnesium is linked to stress reduction, she explained, tart cherry juice contains the slumber-regulating compounds melatonin and tryptophan.

“There’s definite science behind these two things, and in my opinion, this is safe and natural,” she added.

“It has a cute name, it’s going to taste good and it’s easy enough to make that it can be a part of a nightly routine.”