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The Andrews children share heartfelt memories at Megan’s celebration of life


Alexandra Andrews

My most treasured memories of my mother are of her as a grandmother. She was such an amazing grandmother. While my daughter Alivia and I would usually see my mom here and there throughout the week, Fridays were my mom’s dedicated day to spend with Alivia.

For me, Fridays were a gift from my mom because it allowed me to have a break. As a stay-at-home mom, that was huge. Whenever my daughter Alivia would see my mother her entire body would rejoice by dancing, laughing, and squealing with joy and delight. They were obsessed with each other in the best of ways. My daughter affectionately called her “Meegies.”

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Alexandra Andrews speaking at the celebration of life for her mom, Megan Andrews.

They would read, play, dance, swing, slide, and search for cool animals. What was really key about the time my mother spent with Alivia was the presence she gave her. She was completely 100% present. She was not on her phone. She was not in a bad mood. She was not thinking about work. She was fully in the moment with my daughter. The takeaway here is that because my mother chose to be present with my daughter during their time together, my 22-month-old daughter received enough of my mom to last her a lifetime and beyond.

Your presence is your present. If you are trying to be everywhere, you’ll be nowhere. I’m not going to complicate something so simple. Be present with the ones you love, and time won’t exist.

Alexandra finished her talk by reading the poem, “The Dash,” by Linda Ellis. To read the poem, visit .

“Master of the small moments”

Justin Andrews

I knew that my mom knew a lot of people on the key, but I did not understand the scope of how many close relationships she had. My mom never really went out or hung out with large groups of people. She was a master of the small moments.

I think most of you all knew her from those small moments around the key… Seeing her ride her bike, talking to her in a school, dropping off your kids at her Achievement Center. My mom would be present in those moments, always be a listening ear, and always approach situations with love and understanding.

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Justin Andrews speaking at the celebration of life for his mom, Megan Andrews. 

You all being here is the aggregate of those small moments. So, I thank you for being here and sharing in the love we all had for my mom. Megan.

Please treasure and foster those small moments in my mom’s memory. Smile at a stranger, hug your neighbor, tell someone you love them and mean it.