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Fire Captain’s Heroic Rescue Saves Family and Pets in Vigo County Blaze

Quick Action Averts Tragedy in Vigo County

In Vigo County, Indiana, a potentially devastating fire on April 5th was halted thanks to the heroic efforts of Pierson Fire Department Captain Jason Orman. While on his way to work, Captain Orman spotted the blaze at a home on SR 59 and quickly alerted the residing family, enabling them and their pets to escape unscathed. His timely intervention underscores the critical role that alertness and quick action play in emergency situations.

Firefighting Teamwork Ensures Safety

Following the initial alert, Captain Orman assisted the family in evacuating and took charge of the firefighting efforts as soon as additional units arrived. Pierson Fire Chief J.C. Gummere praised the department’s rapid response, which saw the fire engine arriving within just two minutes of the call—a remarkable feat for a rural fire service. This incident highlights the importance of preparedness and the swift response capabilities of volunteer and professional firefighters alike.

Community and Courage at the Heart of Firefighting

The community’s gratitude towards Captain Orman and his team is profound, with Chief Gummere lauding the captain’s crucial role in preventing loss of life and property. Captain Orman, modest in his achievements, emphasized that such successful outcomes are a result of team collaboration. The affected family has been safely relocated with support from relatives, showcasing the community’s resilience and the protective spirit of its first responders. This story not only celebrates the bravery of an individual firefighter but also shines a light on the collective effort and solidarity of the entire firefighting team.