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Unveiling Joe Cauchi: The Hidden World of a Sydney Shopping Centre Massacre Perpetrator’s Escort Activities

  • New insights have surfaced regarding the individual responsible for
  • Cauchi’s family extended their ‘sympathies and condolences’ to the loved ones of his victims

The perpetrator behind the tragic incident at the shopping center had a hidden identity as an escort, providing intimate services online to both men and women, as disclosed recently. His family denounced the attack as ‘truly dreadful’.

The assailant, known as New, took the lives of six individuals and critically injured a nine-month-old infant during the stabbing spree that took place on Saturday.

The casualties occurred at Bondi Junction’s Westfield center in Sydney before Cauchi [was apprehended].

The 40-year-old attacker had affiliations with various escort services, such as Australia Cracker, Empire Escorts, and Escorts Australia.

In his online profile, Cauchi portrayed himself as an ‘athletic and attractive 39-year-old’ residing in Sydney, seeking a ‘good time’ while offering numerous explicit ‘closed-door services’.

Bondi Junction Westfield killer Joel Cauchi had profiles on various escort websites, where he offered services for both men and women

Pictured: Cauchi’s listing on one of the escort websites with which he registered

Pictured: Joel Cauchi in the shopping centre with a knife as he carried out Saturday’s attacks

People have been paying their respects at the scene of Saturday’s stabbing rampage at Bondi Junction in Sydney, Australia, leaving floral tributes to the victims

Following the identification of Cauchi as the perpetrator of Saturday’s tragic event, Assistant Commissioner Anthony Cooke stated that he had a history with law enforcement and was evidently grappling with mental health challenges.

Mr. Cooke remarked: ‘Upon arriving in Sydney, he acquired a storage unit, which has been identified. We are in the process of profiling the offender, and it is apparent to us at this point that mental health played a significant role.’

His family, through a statement released by Queensland Police, acknowledged his long-standing mental health struggles since adolescence.

The family expressed: ‘We are utterly devastated by the distressing events that transpired in Sydney yesterday. Our hearts go out to the families and friends of the victims, as well as those currently receiving medical care. Joel’s actions were truly abhorrent, and we are still trying to come to terms with what transpired. He has been battling mental health issues since his teenage years. We are in contact with both the New South Wales Police Force and Queensland Police Service, and we hold no ill feelings towards the policewoman who had to confront our son as she was simply fulfilling her duty to safeguard others, and we hope she is coping well.’

According to his social media accounts, Cauchi was raised in Toowoomba and claimed to work as an English tutor.

A passionate surfer, Cauchi recently posted in a Sydney Facebook group inviting others to join him for a surf session in Bondi.

In a housing advertisement, Cauchi expressed his interest in finding accommodation in Sydney’s western suburbs like ‘Liverpool, Blacktown, Pendle Hill, or Parramatta’.

The knifeman behind the horrific stabbing rampage in Sydney which left six people dead has been identified as 40-year-old Joel Cauchi

New South Wales police inspector Amy Scott has been praised for her bravery after she stopped the terrifying attack by shooting Cauchi dead

Police said Cauchi recently moved to Sydney from Queensland and had mental health issues

He stated: ‘I enjoy meeting new individuals and exploring intriguing places!’

The latest details emerged as authorities provided an update on the condition of the nine-month-old infant who sustained severe injuries during the attack.

The baby, named Harriet, underwent emergency surgery after being rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

A police representative mentioned: ‘Harriet’s condition is reportedly stabilizing this morning. She underwent surgery and is currently in a serious but stable state.’

Harriet’s mother, Ash Good, 38, was among the victims of Cauchi’s rampage.

Another casualty was identified as 25-year-old Dawn Singleton, the daughter of wealthy businessman John Singleton, known affectionately as Dawnie by her friends.

One of the victims was Pikria Darchia, 55, believed to be originally from Tbilisi, Georgia.

The male victim, a security guard at the shopping center, was later identified as 30-year-old Faraz Tahir from Pakistan.

As per a statement from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Australia, Mr. Faraz had been in the country for less than a year and was a valued member of their community.

The organization stated: ‘Let us unite in solidarity, offering assistance and prayers to those mourning and affected by this tragic loss.’

New South Wales police inspector Amy Scott was commended for her courageous actions in halting the attack by fatally shooting Cauchi.

Arriving first on the scene, Insp. Scott swiftly navigated through the shopping complex and confronted the assailant, who had injured eight others.

She discharged her weapon at the attacker, who was clad in a green rugby shirt, when he turned towards her with a raised knife.

The senior officer then administered CPR to the assailant and other wounded individuals as she awaited additional support.

John Singleton’s daughter Dawnie, 25, has been named among six people murdered by knife-wielding attacker Joel Cauchi at Bondi Junction Westfield on Saturday

Pikria Darchia (pictured), 55, who describes herself as an artist on LinkedIn and is understood to originally hail from Tbilisi in Georgia, was the fifth victim to be identified

Amy Scott confronted the knifeman on the top level of the shopping centre and shot him dead

Insp Amy Scott  (second from the left) was recognised for her courage while stationed as a sergeant in 2019

The attacker was in the mall at 3pm but left and returned at 3.20pm with a knife. He attacked the mother and child at 3.30pm before police arrived at 3.45pm and the mall was placed under lockdown at 4pm

The family of Joel Cauchi (pictured) have condemned his actions as ‘horrific’

They said he suffered from mental health issues ‘since he was a teenager’ while also sending out ‘thoughts and prayers’ to relatives and friends of those he killed

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and the Prince and Princess of Wales lauded Insp. Scott for her valorous actions.

Albanese described the officer as a ‘true hero’ whose swift intervention saved numerous lives.

He stated: ‘The remarkable inspector who bravely confronted the danger alone and neutralized the threat to others, without regard for her own safety. We also witnessed ordinary citizens risking their lives to aid their fellow citizens. The courage displayed was truly extraordinary.’

Rishi Sunak expressed his sympathy for those impacted by the ‘deeply distressing’ incident in Sydney.

In a post on X, formerly Twitter, he expressed: ‘The tragic events at Bondi Junction are deeply distressing. My thoughts are with those affected by this appalling act of violence, and I pray for the recovery of the injured and traumatized individuals. The British people hold you in their thoughts and prayers.’

Just before the tragic events unfolded, Ashlee Good, the mother of nine-month-old Harriet, shared a photo on Instagram holding her daughter.

The caption read: ‘A comparison of 9 months before and after, etc.’

In a statement, Ms. Good’s family conveyed: ‘Today, we are grappling with the profound loss of Ashlee, a wonderful mother, daughter, sister, partner, friend, and an exceptional individual in every way. We are grateful for the outpouring of love and support from the Australian community for Ashlee and our little girl.’

‘We are relieved to report that our baby is currently stable after undergoing extensive surgery yesterday. We are thankful for the exceptional care provided by the medical team at Sydney Children’s Hospital.’

A man was hailed as a hero for his quick actions in assisting Ms. Good and her baby, recounting his efforts to save the infant’s life using available resources.

A bystander interrupted a Nine News reporter at the Bondi Junction scene, pointing to his brother and stating: ‘He’s a hero – he saved the baby.’

A first-time mother stabbed to death in the Sydney shopping centre knife rampage has been pictured for the first time. Just hours before the horror unfolded, Ash Good posted a photo to Instagram with her daughter Harriet in her arms

Cauchi, who killed six people and critically injured nine others including a nine-month-old baby, was a surfing enthusiast

Police are pictured at the scene on Saturday following the mass stabbings

Flowers lay on the ground at the scene outside the Bondi Junction shopping centre in Sydney

Crowds have been gathering to pay their respects to the victims of Saturday’s massacre

The visibly shaken man described using clothing from a nearby store to help stop the baby’s bleeding.

He shared: ‘The baby and the mother were injured. The mother brought the baby to me and I assisted by holding and applying pressure to the baby.’

The brothers remained with the mother and contacted emergency services.

The man’s sibling described the situation as ‘very grim’, noting the substantial amount of blood on the floor and expressing hope for the baby’s recovery.