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Life Inside, a Stockholm Company, Raises €350k to Provide Affordable Interactive Video Testimonials

A software as a service (SaaS) company revolutionizing video marketing by assisting businesses in automating the gathering and sharing of interactive video endorsements from both employees and customers, has secured €350k in funding for expansion. The investment was provided by a consortium of angel investors, notably including Stefan Magnusson, a key investor in Evolution Gaming, Jonas Brogårdh, the former Swedish Secretary of Commerce in the UK, and Houman Ashrafzadeh, who co-established Padium UK alongside Spotify founder Martin Lorentzson. This new capital injection will be allocated towards improving the platform’s interactivity, integrating artificial intelligence (AI) for content analysis and generation, as well as broadening the company’s marketing initiatives and global reach.

Originally nurtured within Oddwork in 2022, a prominent Nordic entity specializing in employer branding, Life Inside was founded by Charles Sinclair, Poyan Karimi, and Niklas Kekonius, who were also co-founders of Oddwork. The concept behind Life Inside emerged from a desire to address a gap in corporate narrative construction. Charles, Poyan, and Niklas envisioned a platform that not only shared narratives directly from clients and employees but also fostered deeper connections between businesses and their audiences. Today, Life Inside offers organizations of all scales a fully interactive platform that adds a human touch to their marketing content, enabling online audiences to actively choose the topics and formats they wish to engage with. The platform aims to drive heightened audience engagement and conversion rates across recruitment, employer branding, sales, and marketing functions.

Commenting on the mission of Life Inside, Charles Sinclair, Head of Partnerships and co-founder, expressed, “In recruitment, candidates often face the challenge of not fully grasping the work environment of a prospective employer. In sales and marketing, video content significantly influences B2B buyers’ purchasing decisions. However, we noticed a lack of streamlined solutions for gathering and disseminating authentic video testimonials from customers and employees. With Life Inside, we aim to empower companies to change this narrative, enabling them to capture compelling and authentic stories at minimal costs to genuinely showcase their services and culture. Our goal is to personalize the online experience, making it as engaging and personal as in-person interactions but on a scalable level.

Since its inception in 2022, Life Inside has rapidly grown its clientele and achieved profitability, currently serving over 70 subscription-paying customers. The company has established international partnerships with major firms such as Specsavers, Adecco, Parexel, Telia, and Axfood. Notably, Life Inside was recognized as a finalist for “SaaS-Newcomer of the Year” in 2022 and 2023 at the premier SaaS event in the Nordics, Breakit SaaS Summit.

Houman Ashrafzadeh, co-founder of Padium and an angel investor in the funding round, emphasized the transformative potential of Life Inside, stating, “Picture a scenario where every visitor to your website is guided by interactive video testimonials, engaging with real narratives and selecting personalized paths. This immersive experience allows potential employees and customers to connect with the company in novel ways, fostering a deeper understanding that static text or images cannot achieve. Life Inside humanizes marketing efforts, enabling companies to evolve into dynamic online entities where each interaction deepens the audience’s comprehension of their organizational ethos. I am proud to support this endeavor.

Positioned at the intersection of the rapidly expanding Application Tracking System market, projected to reach \(2 billion by 2027, and the chatbot market, estimated to grow to \)32.4 billion by 2032, Life Inside distinguishes itself by offering seamless integration and interactive functionalities that surpass conventional video testimonials. With a commitment to GDPR compliance, the platform prioritizes stringent security and privacy standards.