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Secrets to a Long Life: Laughter and Dancing – Insights from a 102-Year-Old South Jersey Woman

VOORHEES, N.J. – A New Jersey resident is commemorating a significant milestone as Ada Wallach turns 102 years old, exemplifying that age is merely a number.

Reflecting on her longevity, Wallach shared, “I don’t know how I’ve reached 102. It just happened.”

Originally from South Philadelphia, Wallach completed her education at Girls’ High by the age of 15. A year later, she encountered her late spouse, Harry.

Recalling their early days, Wallach humorously recounted, “When I was about 16, I met my husband at a camp where everyone was smoking. I tried a cigarette, and he jokingly warned me, ‘If your mouth ever tastes like tobacco, I’ll never kiss you.’ That’s when I decided to quit smoking because I enjoyed being kissed.”

The couple shared a life filled with dance and affection for over six decades.

Following Harry’s return from the war, they ventured into the bakery business in West Philadelphia, specializing in Jewish rye bread, onion rolls, and crispy Kaiser rolls.

Despite not being a cook, Wallach actively contributed to the bakery operations before transitioning to a career as a court reporter.

Recounting a harrowing experience, Wallach shared, “I recall a moment when a disgruntled man, upset over case delays, fired a shot at the judge out of frustration. I was so frightened that I sought refuge in the ladies’ room.”

Throughout her eventful life, Ada Wallach cherishes the role of a mother above all. Her three daughters hold a special place in her heart, despite her modesty about her culinary skills.

“They won’t remember me for my cooking. I’m surprised they all grew up so healthy,” Wallach remarked fondly.

For Ada Wallach, the epitome of fulfillment in her 102 years lies in the cherished title of “Mom.”