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Exploring Life’s Ups and Downs with SIIGHTS

Following a series of tour dates alongside renowned artists like Dylan and Griff, the highly acclaimed Dublin-Glasgow duo SIIGHTS is now setting their sights on a new EP.

Written by Neive McCarthy

Life is too fleeting to suppress your emotions and ignore the power of music that stirs and resonates within you. In the realm of SIIGHTS, authenticity intertwines seamlessly with their music. Mia Fitz and Toni Etherson have perfected the art of unabashed honesty, crafting music that is vibrant and enjoyable yet deeply moving. They capture the essence of baring one’s soul in every rhythm and melody, ensuring that their audience experiences it on a profound level.

Mia reflects on their songwriting process, emphasizing the importance of unfiltered honesty in their music. She states, “We believe in being candid and transparent in our songs, sharing our life experiences, both positive and negative, in the most authentic way possible. Our main goal is for listeners to perceive our honesty—we lay bare our emotions without reservation. Of course, this level of vulnerability demands shedding insecurities and fears…”

Toni interjects, highlighting the vulnerability required in their creative process. “Despite the risks involved, we willingly expose ourselves for the greater purpose of our art. Music serves as a significant outlet for us, a means of storytelling and expression. We leverage our personal encounters to connect with and hopefully support our audience, fostering a sense of community.”

Their recent track, ‘Words’, exemplifies the core ethos of SIIGHTS. An anthem for overthinkers and individuals navigating the complexities of new relationships, ‘Words’ candidly explores the anxieties of modern dating, blending fear with a glimmer of hope. The pulsating bassline adds a buoyant touch to the track’s uncertainties, while their harmonies provide solace—a fusion of alt-pop with raw, human emotions.

Mia elaborates on the inspiration behind ‘Words’, delving into the internal conflicts portrayed in the song. She explains, “We aimed to capture the inner turmoil and self-doubt that often accompany the initial stages of attraction. It’s a constant battle between vulnerability and the apprehension stemming from past experiences that have instilled caution.”

“We put a lot of focus on playing around with the polarity of emotion and energy.”

Toni Etherson

The juxtaposition of guardedness and willingness to take emotional risks resonates with many of their listeners, underscoring SIIGHTS’ charm. Amidst their lively tracks, they interweave narratives grounded in real-life experiences, which strike a chord with a broad audience.

Toni further discusses the relatability of their music, stating, “We’ve all been there, and it’s essential to convey that it’s perfectly normal to find yourself in a stage of uncertainty or a failed connection. This is a prevalent narrative for many people today. It serves as an anthem for those grappling with anxious attachment styles or navigating the complexities of developing feelings for someone while confronting their inner fears. It offers encouragement, reminding us that life is short, and regardless of the outcome, taking that leap of faith empowers us. The feedback we’ve received from listeners validates that our music resonates with their current experiences, which is incredibly gratifying.”

Through their authentic storytelling, Mia and Toni have forged a deep connection with their audience. Their previous single, ‘Miss You’, constructs a vibrant sonic landscape characterized by sparkling guitars and lively synths. Within this musical backdrop, they unravel a tale of grief and nostalgia, juxtaposing somber themes with upbeat instrumentals. This juxtaposition allows listeners to immerse themselves fully in their emotions while holding onto hope. While their narratives may hit close to home for some, they always provide a glimmer of optimism to guide them through.

Mia reflects on the impact of their music, noting, “Our goal is to make people feel less isolated. Sharing our personal struggles or challenges through our music, though deeply personal and vulnerable, often resonates with others.”

‘Words’ and ‘Miss You’ are integral components of their upcoming project—the ‘Through Thick and Thin’ EP. Serving as a follow-up to 2023’s ‘Somewhere Between Lost & Found’, the EP signifies a more expansive and ambitious undertaking for the duo. Their previous ventures have imparted valuable lessons, with live performances playing a pivotal role in shaping their artistic evolution—particularly during their tour with Dylan last spring.

Toni recollects their touring experience, stating, “Venturing out on tour for two weeks forced us out of the studio and into a realm where we could connect with our audience through live performances. This experience informed our approach to connecting with people through our shows and performances, influencing the sonic direction in an exciting and unexplored manner. We delved into exploring the polarity of emotion and energy, infusing a grandeur into the entire creative process.”

Operating primarily on a DIY basis has empowered the duo to chart their own course and bring their creative vision to life with precision. Toni asserts, “We have always been the driving force behind our endeavors, maintaining a clear vision of our narrative.”

Their hands-on mentality and unwavering commitment to authenticity have solidified their identity as a band, characterized by poignant storytelling and captivating production—a signature hallmark of SIIGHTS. Their forthcoming releases aim to refine this distinctive sound further.

Mia discusses the evolution of their music, emphasizing a deeper exploration of their experiences both lyrically and musically. She remarks, “Our progression as artists naturally aligns with our evolving life experiences. We constantly strive to delve deeper, be more candid, explore new themes, and expand upon those we’ve previously touched upon. This evolution is evident in both our lyrics and musical compositions.”

Musically, their objective has shifted towards creating an immersive experience akin to a live performance, with recent headline shows in Dublin and Glasgow fueling this creative ambition. Maintaining lyrical honesty has translated into authenticity in their artistic vision, staying true to their instincts and intentions while pursuing genuineness across all facets of their work.

Toni elaborates on their creative process, highlighting the trust they place in their artistic instincts. “We possess a versatile creative approach, driven by a desire to express ourselves authentically. We trust our instincts and capabilities, allowing us to explore a wide range of ideas and concepts. This recent leap of faith involved channeling our energy into a cohesive live show experience that mirrors the essence of our music. It marked a significant moment where we fused the auditory experience with the palpable energy of our live performances, encapsulating the essence of SIIGHTS’ current identity. Trust plays a pivotal role in every creative decision we make.”

Mia underscores the importance of self-assurance and authenticity in their artistic journey. She reflects, “As creatives, it’s crucial to trust your instincts and believe wholeheartedly in your craft. Despite potential creative challenges or moments of doubt, the foundation lies in genuine passion and sincerity. The authenticity and honesty embedded in your work should resonate with you first and foremost. While sharing your art with the world can be nerve-wracking, there’s no alternative but to create something you genuinely love and believe in. Our hope is that others recognize this sincerity and find personal connections within our music.”

SIIGHTS possess a remarkable ability to strike a delicate balance in their music. Their capacity to forge emotional connections through shared experiences while delivering innovative and magnetic compositions is a rare and enchanting gift. By embracing honesty and sincerity, SIIGHTS provide solace and solidarity to their audience, empowering and comforting them—a testament to their unwavering commitment to authenticity.