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Shawnee first responders reunite with teen who helped save man’s life

SHAWNEE, Kan. – First responders in Shawnee, Kansas reunite with the teen who helped save a man’s life.

The cyclist who suffered a cardiac event in Shawnee has a message to the strangers and first responders who saved his live.

“It was lucky that Fisher and I were just off Johnson Drive,” Miller said.

Shawnee police and fire department come together to meet 17-year-old Marina Johnson for a second time.

The first was a stressful situation when everyone was focused on saving a life.

“It means a lot. I never thought that it would come down to that, me helping somebody survive,” Johnson said.

She saw a man, Dave Kurovski riding his bicycle, then collapse, near Johnson Drive and Woodland Drive.

Johnson called 911, while several other strangers pulled over to jump in and start CPR.

The cyclist who collapsed lost his pulse.

Patrol Sgt. Derek Miller said Kurovski was only down for about 15 seconds without CPR.

Officers got there and used an AED.

Miller believes the bystanders’ quick actions helped save the man’s life.

“I didn’t get a chance to tell you at the time, but you did exactly what we wanted you to do, and we ask that everybody does,” Miller said. “They’re the reason why we were able to get there as quickly as we were and that, that guy had the outcome that he did.”

Fire Capt. Scott Franke and Fire Station 74 arrived and took over compression and the AED.

They got a heartbeat back.

“It was a pretty good moment,” Franke said, “and the fact that we had by standers and citizens that live in the city doing the unspeakable and what they’re trained to do and reaching out and call 911 and our police showing up and us being able to get there. The outcome, you couldn’t ask for anything better.”

Kurovski said he had a cardiac event and was in the hospital for a few days but is doing better.

He wants to thank everyone who helped save his life – from the community members to first responders.

He said, “As a cyclist, I always wave at them while riding to show gratitude for keeping our streets and homes safe. Now I have a *second good reason to wave at them.”

Kurovski said he rides about 50-80 miles a week and often travels through unpopulated areas. He’s grateful Marina spotted him and acted fast.

“I was really scared. but then when they came over and said he was breathing it was good news.

She encourages everyone to take a CPR class.