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Empowering Engagement: Introducing the School of Civic Life and Leadership’s Innovative Minor

The School of Civic Life and Leadership (SCiLL), a pioneering initiative within the College of Arts and Sciences, is proud to unveil its latest offering: a dynamic new minor aimed at fostering interdisciplinary understanding and civic engagement. Designed to equip students with essential skills in civil discourse, the minor transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries, catering to diverse undergraduates seeking to enrich their understanding of civics, humanities, and scientific literacy.

Charting a Path to Active Citizenship: Curriculum Overview

Launching in fall 2024, the civic life and leadership minor boasts a comprehensive curriculum structured around core courses and elective options. Fundamental to the minor are three core courses, including “Foundations of Civic Life and Leadership” and “Practice of Civic Life and Leadership,” which delve into pivotal themes of politics, philosophy, and effective communication. These foundational courses pave the way for a culminating capstone experience, set to debut in fall 2025, where students will apply their interdisciplinary skills to real-world projects or service-learning initiatives.

Expanding Horizons: Elective Offerings and Collaborative Learning

Complementing the core curriculum are a diverse array of elective courses spanning scientific evidence, intellectual history, humanities, and political institutions. With over 30 elective options available across nine academic departments, students have the opportunity to explore multifaceted perspectives on contemporary debates. From “Science and Society” to courses exploring intellectual heritage and civic institutions, the minor encourages students to engage critically with complex issues, fostering a deeper appreciation for the responsibilities of active citizenship in a democratic society.

Driven by the imperative to cultivate informed, empathetic citizens capable of navigating today’s complex social and political landscape, the civic life and leadership minor embodies a commitment to excellence in education and civic responsibility. As SCiLL continues to pioneer innovative approaches to civic engagement, this minor stands as a testament to the enduring value of interdisciplinary learning and the transformative power of active citizenship.