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Exceptional “Young Sheldon” to Graduate High School Despite Holding Bachelor’s Degree

In San Juan Capistrano, there exists a real-life prodigy akin to the character of “Young Sheldon” from the CBS sitcom—a young individual whose intellectual prowess sets them apart from their peers. This exceptional individual is Bryson Bisuna, who, at the age of 15, accomplished the remarkable feat of earning a bachelor’s degree in mathematics.

While Bryson’s academic achievements are undeniably impressive, he humbly rejects the label of “genius” that has been bestowed upon him. Instead, he attributes his rapid learning capabilities to his ability to grasp new concepts swiftly.

Bryson’s extraordinary journey began early in life, with his parents, Bernard and Rose, recognizing his exceptional cognitive abilities. Remarkably, Bryson displayed numerical proficiency even before he could walk—a clear indication of his exceptional talent. To ensure that their son remained intellectually stimulated, Rose made the decision to leave her job as a preschool teacher.

By the age of 11, Bryson was already immersed in college-level courses at Irvine Valley College. Prior to this, he had also pursued interests in music, sports, and martial arts, achieving a black belt in karate. Subsequently, at just 14 years old, he gained admission to UC San Diego, necessitating that one of his parents accompany him to classes due to his young age.

Despite the challenges posed by the advanced coursework, Bryson’s parents, who describe themselves as “ordinary Filipino immigrants,” provided unwavering support. Their dedication was evident as they took turns residing with Bryson on campus while ensuring that his younger sister, Breanna, received the care she needed back home.

Upon completing his Math-Computer Science degree at the age of 15, Bryson’s parents anticipated his progression to graduate school. However, Bryson expressed a desire to attend high school—a decision met with initial reluctance from his parents, who feared it might impede his academic trajectory.

Opting for JSerra Catholic High School, Bryson deliberately selected a program outside his STEM specialization—the Law-Magnet Program. This choice, coupled with the school’s faith-based curriculum, offered him a chance to interact with peers of his age and pursue a more balanced educational experience.

Despite initial uncertainties from the school counselor regarding Bryson’s unique educational background, he embarked on this new chapter with a clear purpose. His parents, recognizing the value of allowing him a semblance of normalcy and age-appropriate experiences, supported his decision.

Looking ahead, Bryson envisions a future in artificial intelligence, driven by a desire to leverage this technology for positive global impact. As he aspires to attain a doctoral degree and contribute to groundbreaking advancements in AI, Bryson’s diverse educational journey serves as a solid foundation for his ambitious career goals.