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Real Employees Live Their Best Life with MHI RJ Aviation

A New Standard for Employer Brands, Powered by Authentic Storytelling, Real Employees from the Aircraft hangars to the silver screen, a Branded Entertainment strategy that’s culturally and purpose driven, executed for all platforms and channels adequately.

THEUN KNOWN Agency and MHI RJ Aviation Group (MHIRJ) launched an inspiring ‘Live Your Best Life’ campaign as a way to re-evaluate the employer brand and showcase how achievable real work-life balance is with the aerospace company. By sharing inspiring and uplifting stories of real employees, the campaign aims to attract top talent and empower individuals to pursue their dreams with passion and purpose

MHIRJ’s philosophy is that true job satisfaction comes from a balanced life that allows for professional advancement without sacrificing personal time and passions. With this insight in mind, the company launched this campaign that showcases the flexibility of their three-four-day shift schedule within their aviation hangars, paired with cinematic lifestyle footage in Bridgeport, West Virginia and Tucson, Arizona. 

The campaign is built on authentic experiences with real employees, following their actual passions and hobbies. It goes beyond traditional advertising to offer a glimpse into genuine lives. “We aimed to create something both relatable and aspirational. Careers in aviation present so many opportunities, so we wanted to highlight the lifestyle it can provide too,” says Victoria Ambroziak, associate creative director at THEUN KNOWN Agency.

The campaign’s multi-phase and multi-platform approach follows THEUN KNOWN’s signature branded entertainment strategy. It features original content including a three-minute short film and trailer that served as the campaign ignition piece, as well as a variety of ad formats tailored to each unique channel and brand touchpoints. The short film was released across streaming platforms like Roku, Amazon Prime and Netflix and was crafted purely for entertainment purposes with no call-to-action or any intent to sell. The sole purpose was to inspire and empower the viewer through dynamic and uplifting storytelling.

Our team poured heart and hard work into every moment of this campaign, from strategy to the creative development, the production, post-production process, to media. We filmed across two intense weeks in several locations, from West Virginia to Tucson, AZ, which was led by our stellar team, from, line producers, James Waters and Justin Kreinbrink, our film director, Andrea Ball, and cinematographer, Roland Cody Larocque. Together, we transformed challenges into art. It’s more than a strategy; it’s our passion made visible.” said Fayçal Hajji, CEO and executive creative producer at THEUN KNOWN® Agency.


Bringing this campaign to life was made possible through a solid collaboration with our media agency Panoply, led by Bobby Destounis. Panoply sees great value in the branded entertainment strategy as it opens new opportunities that go beyond the traditional media platforms, resonating with a much wider and more engaged audience on streaming platforms.

“In the aerospace industry, understanding our audience is critical as a severe shortage of skilled workers costs companies millions. Our compelling message, conveyed through trade content, captivating video, and digital platforms like social media, websites, and email, targets potential talent directly. This strategic approach not only addresses the workforce shortage but also ensures our message resonates effectively, positioning us for success in this dynamic industry.” says Bobby Destounis, president of Panoply Media. 

While most employers stay within conservative corporate standards, this campaign reflects a shared commitment to promoting a healthier and more fulfilling approach to a career. “This initiative exemplifies what organisations can achieve when they truly prioritize the well-being of their employees,” says Stephanie Bento, senior brand manager at MHIRJ.