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Fundraising for Life Coaching Program

In April, our focus is on supporting the Coaching for Life initiative, conducted in collaboration with Save the Children at the Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan.

The Coaching for Life program leverages the game of football to foster a sense of community and enhance the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of children who have been displaced since the onset of the Syrian conflict in 2011.

Initially launched in 2018 with minimal female participation, the program has evolved to see an equal number of girls and boys graduating. This shift signifies a move towards a gender-inclusive strategy within the camp, promoting collaboration between genders to challenge ingrained stereotypes.

Individuals within the camp, including both participants and coaches facilitating the sessions, are actively contributing to driving societal transformations. Their efforts serve as inspiration to their families, peers, and future generations.

During a visit to Za’atari in August of the previous year, our vice-captain, Leah Williamson, interacted with young program participants, their families, and the dedicated session facilitators in the camp.

Reflecting on her experience, Leah emphasized the profound impact of being part of the Arsenal family on the children in the camp. She highlighted the deep emotional connection and sense of belonging that resonates with individuals irrespective of geographical boundaries.

Leah expressed, “The way they talk about Arsenal is with love, it’s not just a partner. They feel a part of it, and that’s really important to me. We don’t just go there to drop in and leave. We go there to give them a sense of belonging.”

For Leah, Coaching for Life transcends mere educational activities; it is about empowering the camp residents with the necessary skills for personal development.

“It’s about giving them responsibility. They’re not only involved in the program, but they have an input. They can influence how that experience is for them. That’s what I’d want to know if I was donating. I’d want to know that something was actually having an impact on people’s lives. That longevity is worth buying into.”

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