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Pro-life diaper company donates supply of diapers to murdered NYPD officer’s family

EveryLife’s Heartfelt Tribute: A Lifetime of Care for Fallen Officer’s Family

In an act of profound generosity, EveryLife, a pro-life diaper company, has extended a helping hand to the bereaved family of NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller by providing a lifetime supply of diapers and wipes. This compassionate move comes as a silver lining amidst the dark clouds of tragedy that befell the Diller family, reflecting EveryLife’s deep commitment to supporting those who have sacrificed for their community.

EveryLife: Embracing Families, Honoring Heroes, and Nurturing Futures.

EveryLife’s Compassionate Response

In the wake of a devastating event that shook the community, EveryLife stepped forward with a gesture of solidarity. Sarah Gabel Seifert, the co-founder and president of EveryLife, expressed the company’s dedication to aiding families of community servants in their times of need. The decision to support the Diller family was a natural extension of the company’s ethos, aiming to alleviate some of the burdens faced by the family during this difficult period.

Officer Diller’s untimely demise left behind his spouse, Stephanie, and their young son, Ryan, who was just over a year old. The initial commitment to provide three months’ worth of supplies was soon surpassed by the overwhelming support from the community, enabling EveryLife to increase their donation to a lifetime supply.

The Tragic Loss of Officer Jonathan Diller

Officer Diller’s life was tragically cut short at the age of 31 during a routine traffic stop in Queens, as reported by Fox News Digital. The suspect, with a history of prior arrests, is now facing murder charges. The loss of Officer Diller was not only a blow to his family but also to the community he served with dedication. His sacrifice was honored with a moment of silence at a major league baseball game, a poignant reminder of his service and the void his passing has left.

The community’s response to the tragedy was a testament to the respect and gratitude felt for Officer Diller. EveryLife’s contribution is just one example of the outpouring of support for the Diller family, ensuring that his legacy of bravery and service will continue to be remembered.

The Generosity of EveryLife’s Community

EveryLife’s ‘Buy For A Cause’ program became the conduit for an extraordinary display of generosity. The program, which allows individuals to purchase diaper bundles for donation, became a rallying point for the community. Seifert highlighted the incredible impact of the community’s support, which not only met a practical need but also sent a strong message of unity and compassion.

The company’s actions, fueled by the kindness of its patrons, have shown that in times of sorrow, communities can come together to provide comfort and support to those who have lost their loved ones.

Public Square: A Network of Support

Seifert, who also serves as the CEO of Public Square, took pride in the app’s role as a significant network of support. Public Square’s platform has been instrumental in connecting individuals who share the company’s mission and values, further strengthening the community’s ability to respond to needs as they arise.

The synergy between EveryLife and Public Square exemplifies how technology and compassion can intersect to create a powerful force for good, especially in the aftermath of tragedy.

EveryLife’s Commitment to Life and Parenting

EveryLife’s ethos is deeply rooted in celebrating life and assisting parents as they nurture the next generation. Seifert emphasized the company’s focus on supporting families, particularly those who have experienced the loss of a loved one. The company’s actions are a reflection of their commitment to life and the belief in the importance of community support.

By stepping in to help the Diller family, EveryLife has not only provided material assistance but has also sent a resounding message of solidarity, ensuring that the memory of Officer Diller’s courage and dedication to service will endure.

The ‘Buy For A Cause’ Initiative

EveryLife’s ‘Buy For A Cause’ initiative is a unique program that allows individuals to directly support families in need by purchasing diaper bundles. These bundles, which include six packs of diapers and four packs of wipes, are then distributed to charitable organizations that aid families facing crises.

The initiative is a clear reflection of EveryLife’s partnership with pro-life organizations and their unwavering support for those who choose life, even in the face of adversity. It’s a program that not only addresses urgent needs but also fosters a spirit of giving and community involvement.