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Heroic Police Rescue 23-Year-Old Veteran Injured While Intervening in Ann Arbor Altercation

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — A 23-year-old former soldier delivering food in Ann Arbor was shot on Sunday, March 24 while trying to intervene in a dispute between a man and a woman. Thanks to the swift actions of first responders, his life was saved, turning him into a living hero with a harrowing tale to share.

Engaged in online food deliveries, the young victim spotted a heated argument between a man and a woman acquainted with each other at the Main Street Party store on the corner of West Ann Street and North Main Street. Without hesitation, he stepped out of his vehicle to defuse the escalating conflict.

Ann Arbor Police Chief Andre Anderson recounted, “The bystander bravely attempted to intervene to protect the woman from harm.”

As the situation spiraled out of control, the victim retreated to his car. However, the assailant, identified as 33-year-old Joshua Dye, pursued him and fired a single shot before fleeing. Despite his injury, the victim managed to drive a short distance to the Firestone Parking lot adjacent to the Ann Arbor Police Headquarters for help.

Responding officers swiftly rushed to the victim on foot, eschewing vehicles to provide immediate assistance, as captured in their bodycam footage.

Officers saved the 23-year-old veterans life after he was shot

The Ann Arbor Police Department.

Officers’ prompt actions saved the life of the wounded veteran.

Chief Anderson commended his team, stating, “This level of dedication to serving the community reflects our department’s commitment to excellence.”

Following multiple surgeries, Chief Anderson visited the victim in the hospital and inquired about his courageous intervention. The victim humbly responded that he believed it was the right thing to do, despite being unacquainted with the individuals involved.

Moreover, the victim disclosed to Chief Anderson that while he had not sustained injuries in combat, he found himself wounded while serving in his hometown. Subsequently, he has been discharged from the hospital and is on the path to recovery.

Sein McGowan, a local resident near the Firestone Parking lot, expressed, “I’m certain his loved ones are immensely proud of his actions. It’s heartening to see a positive outcome with his survival and heroic act of saving a life.”

Joshua Dye, the perpetrator, was apprehended by U.S. Marshals after a brief period on the run and has been charged with offenses including assault with intent to murder and various firearms violations. Following his arraignment before Magistrate Elisha Fink at the 14A-1 District Court, Dye’s bond was set at $1 million, and he remains incarcerated at the Washtenaw County Jail.