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Patton Township Recognizes Officers for Life-Saving Heroics and Outstanding Investigations

The Patton Township Police Department and Board of Supervisors recognized five officers for their exceptional efforts, including life-saving interventions and successful investigations.

Chief Tyler Jolley initiated the awards presentations to acknowledge officers who demonstrated exceptional dedication in the past year, emphasizing their outstanding contributions to public safety in the Centre Region.

Officers Sunchul Soohoo and Brad Tuskovich were commended with the Life Saving Award for their swift response on Jan. 19, 2023, to an emergency call regarding an unconscious individual. Tuskovich’s prompt assessment revealed the person was in cardiac arrest, prompting immediate chest compressions. Soohoo, a certified CPR instructor, utilized an automated external defibrillator and provided crucial assistance. Thanks to their coordinated efforts, the individual regained consciousness and was successfully transported to the hospital for further treatment, ultimately making a full recovery.

Officers Jeffrey McElrath and Justin Sunderland were also honored with the Life Saving Award for their compassionate intervention to prevent self-harm by a distressed 14-year-old boy trapped in a garage on April 21, 2023. Despite the challenging circumstances, the officers effectively communicated with the boy, ensuring his safety and well-being. Their empathy and dedication were pivotal in de-escalating the situation and providing the necessary support, reflecting the department’s commitment to community welfare.

Officer Elijah Vardzel received a Police Commendation for his pivotal role in orchestrating a collaborative investigation that led to federal charges against individuals involved in soliciting minors for illicit activities in the State College area. Vardzel’s meticulous efforts and coordination with various law enforcement agencies resulted in a successful operation, culminating in the apprehension of several offenders and safeguarding the community from potential harm.

The commendations and awards bestowed upon these officers underscore their exceptional professionalism, dedication, and commitment to upholding public safety. Board of Supervisors Chair Pamela Robb expressed profound gratitude for the officers’ unwavering service and emphasized the community’s deep appreciation for their continuous efforts in ensuring the well-being of Patton Township residents.