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Sam Altman, OpenAI Chief, Bringing ‘Sora’ Prompts to Life Online

OpenAI’s latest generative AI tool, Sora, is currently without a set release date. However, individuals eager to explore its capabilities can submit their text-to-video prompts directly to the company’s CEO. Sam Altman, formerly associated with Twitter, is now spearheading OpenAI and has been sharing select results online.

Altman expressed the desire to showcase Sora’s capabilities by encouraging users to submit video caption prompts for consideration. The response to this call-to-action has been substantial, with approximately 14,000 suggestions ranging from the peculiar to the artistic, and from the serious to the witty.

The tool has the capacity to produce videos up to a minute in length, depicting intricate scenes, elaborate camera movements, and multiple characters displaying vivid emotions. OpenAI showcased a series of videos created by Sora, including a vibrant snowy Tokyo scene, a papercraft coral reef teeming with colorful sea creatures, and a whimsical scenario featuring a small, fluffy monster beside a melting red candle.

Following this display, Altman welcomed the public to contribute their own prompts, emphasizing that complexity and detail should not be constrained. A user responded with an elaborate prompt featuring hyperrealistic racehorses, astronauts in Balenciaga jackets riding avocado-themed saddles, and a captivating drone shot focusing on the astronauts’ detailed hands.

For those intrigued by the unconventional, Altman has shared several Sora-generated videos based on public suggestions. These imaginative creations range from dolphins and penguins cycling across the ocean to golden retrievers engaging in podcasting activities.

Unsurprisingly, Altman’s invitation also prompted humorous prompts poking fun at OpenAI, particularly referencing the tumultuous events that transpired within the company last year. The prompts allude to Altman’s reinstatement by the board, leading to comical scenarios in new hire orientations.

Generative AI tools like Sora evoke diverse reactions, sparking enthusiasm for creative applications, concerns about potential copyright issues, and apprehension regarding AI’s impact on creative industries. OpenAI is conducting thorough safety assessments before releasing Sora to the public, with experts examining areas such as misinformation, hateful content, and bias to ensure responsible deployment of the technology. The company acknowledges the importance of learning from real-world usage to continually enhance the safety of AI systems over time.