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Unveiling the Significance of Discovering Your Life’s Purpose

People frequently inquire about my ability to manage a family of five children, prepare Shabbat and holiday meals for numerous college students weekly, organize educational and social programs, and oversee a local Jewish center alongside my husband. The secret to this balancing act will be revealed shortly, but first, a bit of context. In 2003, Rabbi Elazar Green and I relocated to Lancaster to contribute to the local Jewish community.

Subsequently, in 2006, we established the Rohr Chabad Jewish Center, where we have dedicated the past 18 years to engaging with Franklin & Marshall College students and local residents, fostering Jewish life and education. Our center operates under the umbrella of Chabad, a global Jewish outreach organization with a presence in over 120 countries and all 50 states. Notably, Chabad stands out as an international Jewish entity with a significant female leadership representation, given that each center is jointly led by a husband-wife duo who share the responsibilities of program coordination, teaching, and community interaction while raising their family together.

For many students far from home, including during challenging times like the recent conflict in Israel, our Chabad Center serves as a comforting refuge where they find support and a sense of belonging. I had the privilege of participating in the annual Chabad women’s leadership conference, uniting with over 4,000 female colleagues worldwide. The conference, a hub of collaboration and empowerment, showcased our collective achievements and set the tone for future endeavors.

Apart from informative workshops covering diverse topics such as social media marketing, mental health awareness, and combating antisemitism, what truly resonated with me was the camaraderie and shared dedication among thousands of women striving towards similar goals globally. This collective spirit and rejuvenating experience fuel my passion for outreach work and reinforce my commitment to our mission.

So, what’s my secret to harmonizing personal and professional duties? Each morning, I awaken with a deep sense of purpose ingrained in me for over two decades: to inspire the next generation of Jews and illuminate the richness of Jewish living. While this mission may not resonate with everyone, having a clear purpose in life is paramount, as emphasized by the teachings of the revered Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson.

Attending the annual conference acts as a catalyst, reigniting my drive to serve as a beacon of support and inspiration within the Lancaster Jewish community. As Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks eloquently noted, true leadership stems from instilling a sense of purpose in oneself and others. By nurturing a personal mission and seeking meaning in daily actions, one can cultivate a profound impact on those around them.

Returning from the conference brimming with energy and newfound determination, I urge everyone feeling adrift or overwhelmed to seek purpose in simple yet meaningful gestures. Whether reaching out to a friend, assisting a neighbor, or comforting the unwell, these acts of kindness can infuse life with purpose and fulfillment, paving the way to becoming a beacon of hope and inspiration for others.