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Uncommon F1 Team Monikers: From Vintage Cars to Existence

The Formula 1 (F1) team names have stirred discussions during the off-season, with two constructors rebranding for the 2024 season.

Red Bull’s affiliated team underwent a transformation, now known as Visa Cash App RB. On the other hand, the team previously recognized as Alfa Romeo rebranded after securing a title sponsorship deal with the online casino company Stake and the live streaming platform Kick.

These changes sparked controversy within the F1 community, with Autosport’s Alex Kalinauckas expressing concerns that these alterations primarily serve as a financial “branding exercise.”

In the history of F1, not all teams have boasted names as renowned as Red Bull or Ferrari. Here are five peculiar team names that made appearances during grand prix weekends since the championship’s inception in 1950:

Antique Automobiles

  • First Entry: 1969 Monaco Grand Prix
  • Final Entry: 1970 United States Grand Prix
  • Notable Drivers: Vic Elford, Ronnie Peterson

Antique Automobiles, managed by Colin Crabbe, operated as a privateer team that participated in 14 grand prix races during the F1 world championship. The team, known for its historic racing car dealings, collaborated with other teams to lease cars for its races. Despite a competitive edge, Antique Automobiles concluded its F1 journey after the 1970 United States Grand Prix.


  • First Entry: 1971 British Grand Prix
  • Final Entry: 1973 United States Grand Prix
  • Notable Drivers: Mike Beuttler, Reine Wisell

This British team, initially named Clarke-Mordaunt-Guthrie, later evolved to Clarke-Mordaunt-Guthrie-Durlacher during the 1973 season. Despite its financial backing from London stockbrokers, the team struggled to make an impact in F1 and eventually withdrew from the championship in 1974.

Goldie Hexagon

  • First Entry: 1974 Argentine Grand Prix
  • Final Entry: 1974 United States Grand Prix
  • Notable Drivers: John Watson, Carlos Pace

Goldie Hexagon, a British team formed by John Goldie and Hexagon of Highgate, competed in the 1974 F1 season with moderate success. Financial constraints led to the team’s exit from F1 after a single season.

Jolly Club

  • First Entry: 1971 Italian Grand Prix
  • Final Entry: 1986 Portuguese Grand Prix
  • Notable Drivers: Silvio Moser, Loris Kessel, Ivan Capelli

Originating from a Milan restaurant in 1957, Jolly Club transitioned from rallying to F1 briefly, with intermittent appearances over the years before concluding its F1 stint in 1986.

Life Racing Engines

  • First Entry: 1990 United States Grand Prix
  • Final Entry: 1990 Spanish Grand Prix
  • Notable Drivers: Gary Brabham, Bruno Giacomelli

Life Racing Engines, founded by Ernesto Vita, faced a tumultuous 1990 season marked by technical and performance challenges, leading to a premature exit from F1 after failing to qualify in all attempted races.

These unconventional team names and their brief yet intriguing histories add a unique flavor to the rich tapestry of Formula 1’s past.