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North Idaho Quadruple Murderer Majorjon Kaylor Sentenced to Life in Prison

WALLACE, Idaho — Quadruple murderer Majorjon Kaylor was sentenced Monday, March 25 to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the death of a Kellogg, Idaho family of four.

In a jam-packed courtroom Monday afternoon, both Kaylor’s and the victims’ families watched Kaylor walk in the courtroom wearing all black with handcuffs and ankle shacklings.

Kaylor gave no reaction when his sentencing was handed down.

Family members of the victim’s family gave impact statements directed to the judge and Kaylor himself.

“Words will never describe the loneliness I feel daily. All of us have had our lives changed to grief,” Russell Guardipee, a family member, said.

“We lost three generations. I haven’t seen, heard or touched my kids in nine months. I can’t sleep,” Gerri Silva the mother of victim, Kenna Guardipee, said.

“The event is a particular heinous event. You’ve taken four individuals from this community based on your decision,” Judge Barbra Duggan said to Kaylor.

Kaylor pleaded guilty to lesser charges — four counts of second-degree murder, in December of 2023 for the death of 65-year-old Kenneth Guardipee, his 41-year-old daughter, Kenna Guardipee, and her sons, Devin Smith, 18, and Aiken Smith, 16.

“He killed an entire branch of our family tree. Never any great grandchildren to watch grow up. I lost my best friend (referring to Aiken). He spent hundreds of hours volunteering throughout the community. An entire beautiful family taken by one person,” David Silva, grandfather to Aiken and Devin, said.

On June 18, 2023, Kaylor killed the four, execution style, in the duplex they lived in. Kaylor told police he snapped and, “did something about it.”

“It” was Kaylor’s allegation that Devin Smith had exposed himself to the suspect’s wife and children through a window at least three times. He said the cops were called twice, but nothing was ever done about it.

Judge Duggan said Kellogg Police Officers took a report on June 13.

“If something happens again, I’m not going to call you guys,” Kaylor told officers.

Judge Duggan said on June 18, Kaylor shot Kenna in the hand, torso, and temple, shot Kenneth to torso and head, then Kaylor entered the home and shot Aiken in his back and temple. Devin was shot four times.

Kaylor called 911 and said he “executed an f*****g pedophile and his family.” DISPATCH: “You shot four people and they’re all dead?” “Yes, I shot four people,” Kaylor said.

“You said you were protecting your children, but who’s protecting them now? You’re nothing but a two-bit killer. Not only did you destroy my family, but yours as well,” Joe Guardipee, a family member, said.

Kaylor’s public attorney argued that the government failed Kaylor and his family. The attorney claimed Kaylor reported what Devin was reportedly doing to police, but nothing was ever done.

“They were hoping the government would provide some type of solution, but they never (did). The grandfather, Kenneth said ‘if he (Devin) wanted to hurt your kids, he could.'”

Following that statement, he killed all of them. Mr. Kaylor knows he violated the law, and it doesn’t mean that this was premeditated,” Kaylor attorney said.

Ben Allen, Shoshone County Prosecuting Attorney, requested 50 years fixed. Kaylor’s attorney requested the judge to allow Kaylor out on parole.

Judge Duggan allowed Kaylor the opportunity to speak, however he declined, “no, thank you,” Kaylor said.

“There are no words to describe these senseless murders. A good father would never murder, let alone, an entire family. A good father would not take justice into his own hands. A good father would not leave their children without a father. A good father would not leave his children to defend his actions in a small community. There are many good attributes to being a good father, but your honor, he doesn’t have any of them,” Jolene Sharp said.

Kaylor’s guilty plea was reached as a result of mediation between the prosecution and defense. He pleaded guilty to second-degree murder rather than first-degree murder. Mediation also dismissed a felony burglary charge.

Shoshone County Sheriff Holly Lindsey said Monday that it could take anywhere between a week to several months before Kaylor is transferred to state prison.

Anyone convicted of second-degree murder in the State of Idaho faces anywhere from ten years to life in prison.