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Bishops’ Charitable Super Bowl Wager Benefits Pro-Life Organizations

Bishops Unite in Super Bowl Showdown for Charity

In a heartwarming blend of competition and charity, Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone of San Francisco and Bishop James V. Johnston Jr. of Kansas City-St. Joseph have set up a charitable wager linked to the outcome of Super Bowl LVIII on February 11, 2024. They will donate to a pro-life organization chosen by the winner, infusing a spirit of compassion into the excitement of the game. The bet between the leaders will see the losing city’s bishop send a regional culinary delicacy to the winner—Dungeness crabs from San Francisco or a Kansas City steak, depending on which team wins.

Supporting Families Through Faith-Based Nonprofits

Should the Kansas City Chiefs win, the donation will go to Alexandra’s House in Kansas City, a perinatal hospice founded by Patti Lewis, a cardiology nurse moved by personal loss to support others through similar challenges. This organization provides critical support to families dealing with miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal illness, offering everything from counseling to memorial services. Conversely, a victory for the San Francisco 49ers would benefit Bella Primary Care in San Francisco, established by nurse practitioner Dolores Meehan to continue providing healthcare that aligns with Catholic values after the closure of Seton Medical Center.

A Testament to Compassion and Community Impact

Both Alexandra’s House and Bella Primary Care represent deep commitments to caring for the most vulnerable, guided by the principles of their faith. The bishops’ bet not only highlights their dedication to these causes but also emphasizes the role of community and spirituality in supporting comprehensive and compassionate care. This Super Bowl wager transcends mere sportsmanship, reflecting a profound partnership in faith and goodwill that enriches their communities.