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Refresh Your Life with New Melodies: Embracing Change through Music

Every university student is familiar with the sensation: It’s the first week back after a school break, and the struggle to muster the motivation to tackle homework is real. Procrastination becomes the norm, leading to a frantic rush on Sunday night when the clock strikes 10 p.m. and tasks remain incomplete.

Lately, I’ve come to acknowledge my tendency towards post-break inertia, which reached its peak the week following spring break. My break was divided between reconnecting with hometown friends and working on a project for The Miami Student. While I eagerly anticipated returning as winter break concluded, the thought of heading back after spring break filled me with dread.

Perhaps it was the stark contrast between the comforts of home-cooked meals and leisurely showers versus the impending workload awaiting me. The mounting stress made life feel both overwhelming and monotonous, leaving me at a loss for a solution.

One morning, as I scrolled through Spotify in search of music to kickstart my day, I stumbled upon Chappell Roan’s “HOT TO GO!” which had been lingering in my mind since its TikTok debut. The remedy for an incessantly replayed song? Simply hitting play.

Exploring Chappell Roan’s album “The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess,” I was captivated by the ethereal allure of tracks like “Femininomenon,” “After Midnight,” and “Guilty Pleasure.” The fan-favorite tunes “HOT TO GO!” and “Red Wine Supernova” resonated with me, while “Coffee” and “Picture You” evoked deep emotions. The sheer beauty and authenticity of “Kaleidoscope” left me in awe.

Listening to this music sparked a newfound sense of magnificence within me. Walking to class with the album’s melodies enveloping me, I felt a renewed confidence and perspective on life.

This shift in attitude, often catalyzed by discovering new artists or fresh music from familiar ones, is a recurring theme in my life. During a long drive to Destin, Florida, the summer before my senior year, I grew weary of my playlist and decided to delve into Maya Hawke’s discography, known for her role as Robin in “Stranger Things.”

Her album “Blush” became the soundtrack of that journey, each note transporting me back to memories of beach adventures, heartfelt conversations, and carefree moments by the pool.

The transformative power of music in lifting me out of emotional slumps begs the question: Is it the music itself or a psychological shift that rejuvenates me?

The concept of the “beginner’s mind,” rooted in Zen teachings, encourages us to approach life with fresh eyes, free from preconceptions. By embracing an attitude of curiosity and openness, we can infuse everyday routines with novelty and wonder. Whether it’s taking a different route to class, changing the bedtime routine, or immersing oneself in a new album, these small adjustments can reignite a sense of excitement and novelty in life.

College presents a wealth of opportunities for growth and exploration. While routines offer stability, it’s essential to break free from monotony and embrace change to keep life vibrant and engaging.

As Roan’s melodies continue to dominate my playlist, I recognize that the allure of novelty may fade with time. In anticipation of fresh musical discoveries, like Taylor Swift’s upcoming “The Tortured Poets Department,” I remain open to new obsessions, perhaps starting with Conan Gray’s “Found Heaven.”

Taylor Powers, a first-year student pursuing dual majors in journalism and media and communication from Trenton, Ohio, serves as a staff writer for The Student and an assistant editor for The Miami Student Magazine.