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Reviving the Historic Stringer Hotel: A Beacon of Heritage in Dubois, Wyoming

The Legacy of the Stringer Hotel

In 1914, the Stringer Hotel arose as a symbol of the burgeoning aspirations of Dubois, Wyoming, coinciding with the town’s official incorporation. Built by Oscar Stringer and his siblings, the hotel quickly became intertwined with the local economy’s boom, driven by the nearby Wyoming Tie and Timber Co. This growth positioned Dubois as a crucial player in the national railroad tie supply chain, marking its significance on both local and national levels.

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The Stringer Hotel, right, in 1915 about a year after it was built in Dubois, Wyoming. Today, it’s had several expansions to take up the whole city block, including where that house is to the left.

The Stringer Hotel, pictured in 1915, underwent multiple expansions over time, eventually occupying an entire city block, as depicted in the image where a neighboring house once stood. (Cowboy State Daily Staff)

The Stringer Hotel as the Rams Horn Inn in the late 1940s, one of many lives the historic building has had in 110 years.

The Stringer Hotel, known as the Rams Horn Inn in the late 1940s, exemplifies the diverse roles this iconic structure has played over its 110-year history. (Cowboy State Daily Staff)

The Stringer Hotel in an undated photo.

An undated photo captures the essence of the Stringer Hotel in its bygone era. (Cowboy State Daily Staff)

Challenges and Triumphs in Preservation

However, the decline of the railroad industry post-World War II signaled a downturn for the Stringer Hotel, reflecting the broader struggles of the town. The hotel, once the tallest building in Dubois, transitioned through various identities—from a gas station to a restaurant and more—mirroring the community’s evolving needs. Today, under Jason Kintzler’s ownership, the hotel has seen a revival, transforming into a vibrant hub that respects its rich history while serving modern purposes, including a wearable technology business and a new ice cream parlor.

A Modern Renaissance with Historical Integrity

Kintzler’s efforts to restore the Stringer Hotel have unearthed layers of history, revealing hidden artifacts and architectural beauty that narrate stories of the past century. These discoveries have been incorporated into the hotel’s renovation, ensuring that every element from repurposed wood to uncovered rafters contributes to a narrative that honors Dubois’s heritage. The project has not only revitalized a key historical site but also reinvigorated community pride, ensuring that the Stringer Hotel remains a landmark of cultural and historical significance in Dubois for future generations.