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Enhancing End-of-Life Care: A Comprehensive Approach by Compassus

Comprehensive Care in the Final Days

Compassus, a national organization specializing in post-acute care, has opened a new facility in Gaylord, located at 1723 W. M-32, to extend their compassionate services to more patients and families. Under the leadership of Darla Ames, who oversees the clinical services department, the organization is dedicated to helping individuals approach the end of life with dignity and peace. They are particularly attentive to veterans, recognizing their service with specialized end-of-life care plans.

Addressing Legal and Emotional Needs

Ames discussed the importance of understanding patients’ end-of-life wishes, including legal preparations like establishing durable power of attorney and do-not-resuscitate (DNR) orders. Compassus ensures these critical details are managed with care to honor the patient’s preferences and alleviate family concerns. They also support patients in deciding whether to spend their final days at home or in a care facility, facilitating necessary arrangements like home medical equipment or assisted living placements.

Navigating Financial Coverage and Emotional Support

Funding for Compassus’s services primarily comes from Medicare, which covers hospice benefits, though not room and board in facilities—this is where Medicaid assistance becomes crucial. The Compassus team aids patients in navigating these complex processes to secure the needed coverage. Furthermore, Ames emphasized the emotional toll on families during this period, noting the organization’s role in guiding families toward acceptance and understanding, helping them cope with the hard decisions about treatment cessation and end-of-life care.

This structured approach by Compassus not only addresses the practical aspects of end-of-life care but also deeply respects the emotional journeys of patients and their families, providing a holistic support system during these challenging times.