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Pursuing the Dream: Muladore’s Journey to Become Antrim County Sheriff

GAYLORD — Pursuing the position of sheriff in Antrim County holds significant personal importance for Otsego County Undersheriff Matt Muladore, offering him the opportunity to realize a long-held aspiration.

Expressing his unwavering commitment to his dream, Muladore, a graduate of Ellsworth High School and a current resident of the Antrim County area, reflected on his law enforcement journey that commenced with the road patrol in Antrim County.

During his interview for a role in Antrim, Muladore was prompted to envision his ultimate career destination. Recalling his response from his early 20s, he affirmed, “My objective has always been to serve as the sheriff of Antrim County.” Despite life’s diverse paths, Muladore remained steadfast in his ambition, believing that his diverse experiences have aptly equipped him for a return to Antrim County.

Following the retirement of longstanding Antrim County Sheriff Daniel Bean after a 15-year tenure, Undersheriff Kevin Hoch assumed the interim sheriff position. Hoch and Muladore are set to compete for the Republican nomination for sheriff in the upcoming August primary.

With a decade-long tenure in the Otsego County Sheriff Department, Muladore transitioned to the role of undersheriff to Sheriff Matthew Nowicki in 2013. Reflecting on his leadership journey amidst challenges such as a tornado and officer-involved incidents, Muladore emphasized the invaluable experience he has accrued, underscoring, “I have encountered diverse situations here that have honed my leadership skills. My aim has always been to foster a progressive environment, a vision I share with Sheriff Nowicki, who has been a guiding mentor.”

Acknowledging the integral role of politics in law enforcement leadership, Muladore credited Nowicki for imparting crucial political insights essential for the position. Maintaining strong ties to Ellsworth, where he resides and serves on the school board, Muladore emphasized his deep-rooted connection to the community.

Anticipating the emotional complexity of potentially leaving Otsego County if successful in the election, Muladore expressed a mix of emotions, recognizing the impact of his contributions in shaping the department alongside Sheriff Nowicki.

While Antrim and Otsego counties share a border, Muladore highlighted the distinct characteristics of each region, emphasizing the need for tailored approaches to community engagement in Antrim’s diverse landscape.

Embracing the uncertainties of the electoral process, Muladore underscored the importance of resilience and determination, particularly for the sake of his children, whom he hopes to inspire with the value of perseverance and courage in the face of challenges.